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EV2 Paint metallic?


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Nov 30, 2022
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Hi there,

I have a 1970 Roadrunner with the color code EV2 Tor Red / Hemi Orange, restoring the car at the moment and it is almost ready for his new paint.
When I contact the paint supplier ( a PPG dealer) this guy was telling that in his system EV2 is a metallic color this surprised me because I always thought this was a Uni color. Another paint supplier said in his system it is a Uni color.

A story on the internet is telling that there were two type's of Hemi Orange in the days, metallic for the car and a uni color for the engine.

Does someone know what is true and false and what kind of color EV2 original was in 1970 ?

Thanks in advance

I heard that it is metallic, but it does not have a lot. Also, the metallic 'fades' over time making it look like it doesn't. So basically, an original car with EV2 might not look like it had metallic.
Don’t confuse EV2 hemi orange and street hemi orange engine paint. Not the same.

if someone want to make you EV2 orange without metallic don’t buy it, wrong color.
working on some EV2 right now......... yes metallic
I have a 70 challenger painted in that color and it is the original it's never been ever been restored it's only got 28,000 miles on it and yeah I did not know it had metallic pain in it till two years after I had owned it someone said do you realize this got metallic or if you looked in the right sunlight you know you could see it song it fooled me and the regular hemi orange without Metallica is is the engine paint I don't know what the engine paint code is though but it is hemi orange without metallic
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