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Exhaust Manifold removal

Here is a pic of the hole in the manifold looking down to the nut. The space between the wall and nut will not take any socket even a thin wall. The hole diameter is approximately .640"


So have you disconnected the pipes from the manifolds and have removed all the other manifold to head studs and nuts? Post some pics.
Yes, the pipes are disconnected and all the nuts have been removed except for the 3 nuts in the hole of the manifold. Pics have been added to the post.

The extended nuts have broken off flush with the stud. You're screwed. And by that I mean looks like you're pulling the motor so you can drill the studs out.
You’re not very clear on what you are asking.

Big block?
What year?
Which two?

Factory original there were only studs with nuts. No bolts.
Yes, you are correct they are nuts. Pics attached. 1967 383-4V. On the right side there are 2, left side 1.


Ugh. After blowing you a little bit of crap in my previous post, I'll have to say you're in a bit of a tough spot if you have only basic tools and are in a hurry.
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Dang :BangHead: ,thats my kind of luck. Hope it gos well for you.
That drivers side manifold is off a 70s something or other.

I think he told us that indirectly with it being a 67 383 with "big" manifolds, which were not available that year on that motor.
I think he told us that indirectly with it being a 67 383 with "big" manifolds, which were not available that year on that motor.
I was just directly pointing it out in case he wanted something that looked a bit more period correct before dumping his cash into that one.
Boy, not sure what you have for room to drill, may have to pull the engine. I would make a sleeve to go down into the hole, with a small hole drilled through it, say #40 drill. This sleeve would be a guide to stay centered on the stud for drilling it out. Step up in sizes till you are at the edge of the stud, pull the sleeve and use the bore in the manifold for a guide and drill till you get through the nut, unless you can judge where to stop drill so that you don't get into the head itself.
Just a suggestion, that's probably how I would try to do it.
Or, consult someone that's a machinist.
Good luck!
I would try a 3/8 drive 9/16 deep socket just to see if it will go in there.

Maybe a 1/2 inch deep socket will fit.
Those exhaust studs are hard! I do not think drilling will be easy in any scenario. This one is a challenge! Would a 'rocket socket' drive into that (by force fit)?
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