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Flex plate to converter issues-Problem Found


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Jan 27, 2011
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I posted an earlier thread about a 3/16" gap between the flex plate and converter with the converter fully seated in the tranny, was told it was fine. When I try to bolt the flex plate up to the converter the converter will not pull in against the flex plate. I am bending the flex plate. I greased the snout on the converter where it seats in against the back of the crankshaft.
This an issue, seems to me that it would cause a vibration.
Did you confirm you have the correct diameter pilot hub?
You need to pull the trans., or at least down and back far enough to see why the converter is not fitting into the crank properly. Wrong flex plate to crank bolts? Bending the flex plate is a no no.
Reach in with finger tips on the ring gear and wiggle the snout in?
My finger tips are sore from grabbing the teeth on the converter and trying to wiggle it in flush with the flex plate.
Pull it out for examination. I have found during my life that the long way is usually the best way.
Make sure that the bolts that hold the flex plate to crank the heads are not too thick, they can contact the converter before the shout is full seated, and can also hold the flex plate away from the mounting lugs.
Yanked engine out and removed tranny. If you look at the pic there is a raised section on the snout of the converter. I measured the snout and the back of the crank. The first section has plenty of clearance, but the raised section is too big. I'm going to spend a couple hours with an emery cloth to see if I can take that ridge down enough to fit.

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I would put the flex plate on the converter (it only goes on one way) and then put a mark on the flex plate and a mark on the converter. Now you will know which way it goes on.
I have seen this many times. The snouts if the converters vary widely. I always test fit thim before installing the trans.