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Found a rough 69 383 and 727 for $250 locally…deal or pass?

I bought a transmission that looked to be in similar condition as that one, been sitting out in the weather for who knows how long. Pulled the pan off and the fluid had jelled. It had strings of jelled fluid blobs hanging down from the valve body. Got a clean paint brush and cleaned off every thing inside the pan as best I could and put in new filter. Drove the car for more than 25 years , no problems.
I'd probably leaf it where it is.

Maybe mulch it over for a bit
Seems like it might be a deal. I have seen some rough blocks clean up. This one is still mated to a 727.

It’s a short drive out. I don’t need a 383, but for the right price I’d take a spare…

deal or no deal?

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Grab the trans and run.
I lived in Houston.....I know full
well how much water falls from
the sky in Texas. Unless you found
this block somewhere around Ozona,
I'd leave that block where it sits. It will
do well to add iron to the soil. No
valve covers, open intake, those
would be the show stoppers for me
on that motor.