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I have a dumb question about leaf springs.


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May 28, 2013
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Colorado Springs
The rear end was really sagging so I ordered new leaf springs from Rock Auto. I thought the new springs would have more arch than the old ones (when they're out laying on the ground.) But they're flatter and therefore longer. This seems counterintuitive. The mobile mechanic that helps me says the new ones look right. Will we have a hard time installing them since the length is different because of the different arch?
No. They would be harder to Install if they had more arch. This I know.
Don't figure for them to be longer and flat. But mine were old and sagging also so went with a six leaf and recurve. I am very happy with it. Did make it so the shocks were a little harder to hook up so just had to pull down on the car and make the bolt go through them up at the shock tower. No weight in the car yet so they are working fine with a full tank of gas.
If you saw how they treat packages at the UPS terminal, you would cringe. Was waiting for a truck to come in that had my part late one night. They were tossing around boxes and things fall off the conveyer belt. So don't figure how things get beat up.
laying the springs upside down on the garage floor, measure how much arch they have unloaded.
Put a few hundred pounds on the spring and re-measure the arch to get an idea of the spring rate.
I could measure my Mopar Performance HD springs that I got from Summit Racing a few months ago for comparison.
You also have a swing shackle to let the spring change arch.