John S. Rehberg, 8/31/1956 to 9/14/2022, Dad you may be gone but you're always with me...


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Mar 19, 2021
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Well, over the holiday I got to share the list of cars compiled here that dad had. All were amazed at not only the number, but also the variety and year range. But one person called me out one that was missing in dad's list of cars he owned.

This should complete it for good, I hope :lol:

This is car #64 dad owned...

1965 Mercury Montclair, 390ci, 2BBL, A/T - A unique feature on this one was that it had a power rear windshield. Dad eventually sold this car to my girlfriend at the time (she later would become my wife). This was her very first car.
(c/o google)

The one dad owned was green, maybe a shade darker IIRC. And the roof was white. But essentially it was the same car as shown here.