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Monday do over


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Aug 7, 2013
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Skiatook ok
So this weekend I had 2 days of great warm weather to get my engine bay painted. Sunday I got it primed with no problems. Monday was color day. I compared the new paint to what's on the car and it was really really close, till I sprayed.

The nut and washer is the color it's supposed to be. More sanding coming up. The sad thing is I found out that my car is not T5 copper.
Could it be T7 Dark Bronze?
I don't know yet I took off a trunk extension and took it to the paint supplier to have it scanned and matched like I should have done in the 1st place. But the fender tag says T5, car was painted back in 91 so who knows.
What year and model? Looks a lot like bronzefire.


My Bee in PPG T5 copper. The color changes quite a bit depending on the lighting.

P1010013 (2).JPG
Those bronze metallic colors are so hard to match. And then the color of primer/sealer can change the final color also.

I was playing with 1970 FK5 and it was too dark and no gold metallic in the sun like the original paint. They said the paint is right on and I should paint over white primer. So I tried that, it looked like a low rider with candy paint on it. Pretty cool but not what I needed.
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There are a ton of new variations available. The hood that is on the car was painted 10 years after the car itself. Matches perfect.

new wheels.jpg
As I remember when Dinosaurs roamed the earth, Brown Metallics were the hardest colors to match
hence painting the whole side of a car for a door dent! None of those colors covered worth a darned
I got to know details on the cragars, 15s? Width front and back, back spacing and rear tire size please. That's exactly what I'm gonna get for mine.:drinks:
They are Cragar 61C direct drilled. 15x7 with 4" bs 215/70/15 on the front and 15x10 with 5.375" bs 295/50/15 on the rear. I am not positive when that picture was taken, but I originally had 225/70/15's and 275/60/15's on these same wheels.