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Need help with 66 charger automatic shift linkage


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Apr 3, 2014
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Please help I am helping a buddy working on a 66 charger with a 68 318LA & 727 torqueflight transmission. I am looking for the BLACK metal "flag clip" that is shown in the attached picture. It holds the kickdown rod into the arm at the transmission on this rod there is no hole for a hairpin clip or cotter pin so I assume it must use this type of setup.

Second issue in same general area where the actual shift lever for PRND21 attaches there is a lock swivel nut that the previous owner just rigged up with some wire it seems there should be a bushing or grommet that the rod should go through. Right now if you put it in park its sooooo sloppy you have to reach under the car and manually put it in park or it will still roll even though the gear shiter is in park. Any help locating these parts or a part number or correct name would be helpful.

Chris 66 charger linkage pic.jpg66 charger linkage2.JPG
I think I know what you are referring to, but00Lever01.jpg the little clip or the adjustment piece on the lower?
I think I know what you are referring to, butView attachment 185697 the little clip or the adjustment piece on the lower?

your parts breakdown is exactly what i needed i'm pretty sure its clip 21-30-418 the lever on my transmission only has one hole instead of two as shown here and the other clip 21-30-433 attaches to the swivel though i think the hole that my swivel attaches to is pretty large like 3/8" and the part that sticks off the swivel is maybe 1/4" or so I am sure it will take a little MacGvering as its an LA engine in a 66 that should have had a poly in it and I have no idea whether the poly linkage would be set up the same as LA.
If it's just the retaining clip you need, hell, I'll grab one off of one of my spare transmissions and mail you one for 2 crisp bucks

looks a little something like this:


the end of the rod goes through the hole, and it swivels over and clips back to the rod itself
Seax440Dodge sent you a PM that does look like the clip I am looking for :)
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