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No more Cokes for me. Hospital visit.


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May 28, 2013
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Colorado Springs
I am a Coke addict. I probably drink 6 cans a day. usually Coke Zero or Diet Coke, not the straight stuff. Genetically I have a propensity for kidney stones. My grandfather had them and my kids get them. I think this was my 6th kidney stone. Yesterday morning I felt one coming on. I know my urine had been pure blood. No big deal I had some Flomax left over from last time. By 11:00 am the pain was horrible. If it wasn't a ten it was at least a nine. I had my neighbor friend take me to the local ER place. They couldn't do much and sent me to the big hospital in my area. By the afternoon I was throwing up from the pain. The hospital gave me three injections of morphine so I could at least lay still for a CT scan. My daughter came down and took over for my neighbor.

Definitely a kidney stone in my urine tract and they said my kidney was full of smaller stones. That was it. I'm not going through that pain again. No more Cokes for me!
Ouch I’m sorry to hear that. I had read an article that Coke zero or Diet Coke are actually worse than regular coke.

I definitely agree you should stop drinking. That would be a good start and drink a lot of water.
I see you didn’t heed the warning.
Coke themselves said you should be less white. That made me quit drinking Coke products. Sorry for your pain, hope you feel better soon.
I had a buddy I flew with that would continually drink store bought iced tea like you and had had them bad while on a trip. My brother used to be a bad caffeine free diet Pepsi drinker till I turned him on to H2O, the beverage of the Gods!
Gotsta have more water. Putting a bit of lemon in, supposedly, helps keep the stones away. I drink a pot of coffee everyday in the morning. After that, its water for awhile. Sometimes I'll get a Diet Pepsi, squeeze some lemon in as thats my favorite way. A beer or Vodka drink in the afternoon followed by more water the rest of my awake time.
Straight water does get old and sometimes does not quench/refresh you no matter how much you suck down. Along with the lemon, slices of Cucumber in the water are great too for thirst quenching.
I went from drinking at least 6 cans of Pepsi a day to maybe 1 1/2 about a month ago.
I've lost 17 lbs in that time too. I'm about to dip under 200 lbs for the first time in about a year or so.
Cutting back on soda is usually very difficult for me. Something about my fall from the roof and the recovery resulted in a strange reaction to the flavor of the soda. It now tastes double sweet. Regular sweets taste the same...chocolate, caramel and ice cream is the same but soda seems double strong so I can barely drink it anymore.
It really is a blessing though. This reduces blood sugar, the empty calories and belly fat. I'm fitting into clothes I haven't worn in awhile.
Good luck, Steve.
I was listening to a podcast this afternoon while working on my '63. Not sure if I heard them right, but they were saying All sodas contain "embriotic fluid" ? Glad they didn't add beer to that list...
Something about my fall from the roof and the recovery resulted in a strange reaction to the flavor of the soda

I don't think it was the fall. I had two diet Pepsi drinks back in June of this year that tasted very different to me. Maybe they changed the recipe. Different enough in taste that I no longer drink them.

Water and tea is it for me.
For me, it was immediately after the fall. The Pepsi in the fridge was the same.
I used to drink the "Real Sugar" formula because it was slightly sweeter and tasted like it did when I was a kid before high fructose corn syrup became the default sweetener.
I used to drink 2 1/2 to 3 with dinner.
The real sugar formula was suddenly too sweet. I tried the hfcs formula...even that was too sweet.
Even my Dr is confused about that. Apparently, I'm just weird.

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We get the little 8oz cans , I have mabey 2 a week, I like it or a beer with pizza or grilled dog, ect.
Steve hope you get them passed soon.
I have a couple gall stones that like to let me know there still around at times.
So I kinda know how you feel.
Glad your daughter is around to help out.
I got introduced to Coke/Pop when I was 12, and never had soda before. We moved next to a large dairy farm and were "hired" to help with the haying. I was paid $1 per hour and all the Coke you could drink, I must have had 10 or 12. The old farmers knew what they were doing, I was on a caffeine and sugar rush and never slept the entire night.
Later in my early 20's I could drink an entire 2 liter bottle for dinner and still go to sleep. Then I became a Lineman Apprentice and found other frosty beverages. I still enjoy a real Coke now and then.
Coke and Pepsi both, I do not trust them anymore.
Lots of foods are having nano-tech added as "preservatives" and frankly with what Coke pulled with their forced training and messaging I don't trust them not to put plain poison in.
You have to really look at food nowdays, so much stuff is shoved in, and a lot of things this country is the only place it is legal to do it! Such a shame what has happened to our country with stuff like this.
No more Cokes for me!

The good news is that I don't think you need to deprive yourself of ANY Coke. If you really enjoy it, take a break for a month to clear your stones, and then keep the consumption down to 1 or 2 per day AND start drinking enough water (36 ounces+). It worked for me - no stones since.
I was once a Coke addict too.
During my youth, on the streets of Brooklyn, I became addicted to LSD. Started early in my youth, and lasted to my early twenties. Everyone told me, and read much about it, that my daily intake of LSD would have devastating health affects, possibly leading to death. I decided to end this desire to ingest that LSD then and can proudly say I haven't had any since then. Nope, my days of coca-cola and pepsi are long gone. Those Liquid Sugar Drinks are killers !
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