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Overheating problem

I would agree that 195-200 is not really overheating, especially if you are talking about consistency at idle and at speed. However, from personal experience and what I can make out in the pictures, I'd say your shroud is too close to the core. I wouldn't really call that a shroud. Shrouds are supposed to aid in directing the air flow from the entire core toward the fan. The only air flow I can see is through the fan openings. The rest appears to be blocking the core.
The electric fans with shrouds are probably restricting air flow across the front of the condenser/rad...switch to a 7 blade clutch fan with shroud and I bet you'd have better cooling.
Thank for your input. I am going back to what you recommended. I am going to have an electric fan on the condenser as well. Nostalgia Auto Cooling highly recommends a having a condenser fan with cars with a/c and shrouds. I think my problem is excessive engine compartment heat. The sniper temp sending unit is reading hotter than coolant really is. Any ideas as to how to get excessive heat from under the hood?
As posted, the temps you’re mentioning are not excessive. You could try reducing the ratio of coolant to 65/35 or so with some wetter as an easy try, if you're running 50/50. With mine I never drive it in cold weather and sits in a heated garage. This was one of the things I did among others to drop engine temp researching effects of anti-freeze. What is the recommended oil pressure range for your motor build? Is it running higher than spec’s? You racing the car or street driving only?
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