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Pricing pig?

493 Mike

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Dec 25, 2011
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White Cloud, MI
Hi fellas,
I'm thinking about selling some 8 3/4 pigs. Most rebuilt but I have a used 3.23 Sure Grip 7260 yoke. Would 250 be a fair price? I drove the car it came in so I know it's good.
PS: After a closer look I realized it is used but, I went thru it, repairing/replacing as was necessary. So I will not be offering it for 250. I am now asking $450.00 but I think I have a local buyer.
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I paid 250 just for a suregrip. I then paid 100.00 for a used 3:23 ring and pinion and finally paid 100.00 for a 489 case... Just food for thought.
Sounds more than fair. Prices at Carlisle are higher.
Mike, what is the case number ? That will make a pricing difference.
I think that's a fair price even for a cone in a 741. If you were local, I'd buy it.
Edit: clutch type in a 742 case, $250 is giving it away.
They seem to be getting hard to find at 500-650. A professionally rebuilt one was $1100-1200 in 2014 in Vegas (489). Of you were closer to me I’d pay 350-400 for sure and think I’d had a good deal. I’d probably pay more and still feel satisfied if it’s a straight drop-in, no issues.
Case number and type sure grip will always have a bearing. If a good unit, I would consider that a very fair price reqardless of details. Personally I would never go by the prices at the BIG swaps as a barometer!
I'm assuming a pig is a center section? I have the original 741 case non-SureGrip 2.76 that came with my '69 Sport Satellite - I honestly didn't think it has much value, and maybe it doesn't. But if someone is near Sacramento and needs it - PM me and we can work something out.

I bought a 489 case 3.23 SureGrip at a swap meet a few years back for under $500. I had the clutches replaced /seals done, labor and all for around $300. Works well.
3.23 sure grip in good condition regardless of case, $250 it will be sold in 5 minuets. $400 in a day or so.
Yeah, In early 2000"s a 741 open I couldn't get $25 at MATS. If it was a 741 sure grip with at least 3.23 I could get $125.
Now prices have gone up in the last 15 years or so. A empty 742 is $150-$200. 489 just about the same.
I'm not afraid of a 741 case,used them for years.Last one was a 4.30 gear.