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Selling my dart to buy a 67 charger


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Jun 28, 2023
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Avon, Indiana
Brand new here, but not to FABO. Im selling my 70 Dart Swinger 340 and replacing it with a 67 Charger. Im looking at 2 chargers online now and both are pretty nice cars, but of course the headlight motors are bad on both cars. I know they are all money pits, but how bad are the 66-67s compared to 68-70s? And what are headlight motors gonna cost me? I know there is a guy on here that rebuilds them, but im curious about what its gonna cost to repair or replace them. I realize nobody knows exactly, just looking for a ballpark number. Thanks!
I think (that’s not gospel) there are aftermarket motors to replace the oem motors.
I've looked for aftermarket, but not very hard.
I've got a buddy with a 66 that warned me they might cost a $1000 for a pair. Thats not a problem at all. If I can use this cost in price negotiations, it might help in the long run.
I sold my 69 cuda to buy my 66 Charger. Get one as cosmetically complete as possible. Mechanical stuff is pretty much the same as any B body, but body, trim and interior can be hard to find.


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Thanks for the information! It looks super nice, and the seller has answered everything I've asked. No rust, no bondo, frame perfect, interior perfect. He's sent me extra pictures to back up his claims, and insists on a phone conversation before I even look at it to make sure I dont waste my time driving. Seller states fuel gauge and headlight motors are the issues with the car.
The difference is that for 68-70 LOTS of parts are reproduced.

For 66/67 almost nothing is.
Having a nice 67 is well worth it if it's your gig. It is to me.
There was a nice black one for sale in California I believe, in the for sale section
Motors aren’t too bad; and even gauge can be a simple ground.
Do all EL lights work? That can be a pricey fix
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