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Trying to locate my old 68 charger


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Mar 22, 2023
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About 22ish years ago I sold my blue 68 dodge charger and I’m just curious to see what has become of it.

Little back story-

My father had the car and sold it because he was always flipping cars. He realized how much I loved it so on night I came home and it was sitting in the front yard. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I excitedly ran in the house and was like “what’s that doing here?” He replied that he had got it back for me to drive to high school and that he would give me the title if I graduated on time, which I did. About a year later I sold it to a friend of mine because I was building 3 other hot rods and needed some money. About a year later I bought the car back. Once I got it back I pulled the built 318 out and put a 383/727/391 sg all that I had been building with every penny I could scrounge up. I had the car parked at my cousins house and had all the parts delivered to my fathers house leaving him to question “wth are you building”. I just kept telling him “I don’t know but you better get ready”. Fast forward, I finally got the car finished and called him and told him I was comn over to be outside. Shoulda saw the surprise in his face when I pulled up. He couldn’t believe it. He checked it out w a grin from ear to ear and amazed. I asked him if he liked it and he said “Fk yea, this thing is radical as FK”. That’s when I reached in, turned the key off and tossed him the keys n told him the titles in the glovebox it’s yours. I wanted to return the blessing and excitement that he had given me. He replied that he couldn’t take it that I’ve put too much time and money in it and he couldn’t take my money. I told him I did this for him and I’m not taking it back. So I parked it behind his gates for about 6 months and he repeatedly told me to come get my car. I told him it was his car now and I’m not comn to get it. We went round and round over it. So me being such a genius I tried to bluff him and said “if you don’t keep it I’m gonna sell it”. Well he called my bluff. So I put it in the trading post for $6500, I had over 15k in it,thinking he’d come around. He didn’t. So 2 guys came out w a trailer one weekend and bought it. I took it for one last drive through the neighborhood while crying my eyes out and then drove it onto the trailer and watched it leave. It was a sad and regretful day that now, at 45 years old, I still regret. That car was definitely “the one that got away”. I was 21-22ish and didn’t realize what I had and have regretted it ever since. Specially now knowing I’ll never be able to afford another 68 worth building thanks to over inflated prices on them.

I would just like to know what has become if it. At the time of sale the car was at my fathers house in Norfolk Va by the airport. It was blue w cragar s/s mags on it.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

Here’s the only pics I have left of it

Sorry for the long post

charger photo.jpg
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Did the 318 blue one your dad gave you have a floral top?
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