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Tamco Paint


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Sep 24, 2021
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Hillsboro, Oregon
Checking to see if anyone has any experience with Tamco paint products. My GTX is finally getting close to going in the booth and I need to get the materials lined up. 1970 B7 Blue. PPG 2020 is the paint code.

I was told a couple of years ago that the toners were no longer available to mix the paint in Deltron and it could only be done in the cheaper Omni line, which I would rather not use. Called the local supplier the other day and they say they can mix it in Deltron, for a mere $830/gallon. This was after I contacted an online supplier of PPG products and he said he couldn't mix it in Deltron BC/CC. Let's just say I'm a little suspicious of the local gangsters. I wouldn't put it past them to put a Deltron label on a can of Omni.

Tamco is a small company that's been around a while, has good reviews and quite the fan club. I don't know anyone that has used their products and I'm looking for some real world feedback on their paint.
Check with BASF. They have a lot of old codes that can be mixed. R-M, Glasurit and more.
830 a gal is probably about right. Everything’s gone they the roof.
830 a gal is probably about right.
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I paid over $1500 for two gallons of PPG DBU five years ago... Then there was the $1000 for two gallons of Clear... Good material ain't cheap...
Check with BASF. They have a lot of old codes that can be mixed. R-M, Glasurit and more.
830 a gal is probably about right. Everything’s gone they the roof.
Yes, paint has gone way from when they started on my GTX and it's going to get worse. I needed a pint of House of Kolor paint for touchups on one of my cars. I think it worked out to $800/gallon buying online. It would have been a lot more than that locally since no one stocks it.

Tamco uses BASF resins which are supposed to be good.

You pay a premium for the big name paint "warranty". The problem is, even though my car will be painted in a shop, there won't be an invoice and they wouldn't warranty anything anyway.
Check this guy out. Quite a few folks on the SPI forums use Automotive Art paint (so did I). He will ship anywhere and it is 30-40% cheaper than PPG. The white paint for my RR was under $300 a gallon (before Covid) and the GTO paint was $600 vs $950 PPG envirobase. I know some will argue there is nothing better than PPG and thats ok but I personally don't feel that way. There are quite a few good brands out there and some not so good.

Chad's paint and Audio — Auto Rod Technologies
Ya , Paints not cheap.
I dont have a problem using Omni base, BUT buy the best clear you can afford. Your base is just your color no protection there, the life of the paint is going to be the clear.
I agree with Stroked438. I've had Omni on my car for 20 years, along with PPG 2002 clear and it's holding up great. I would not be afraid to use Omni at all, unless maybe it has changed in the past 20 years too.
I did call another place across the state line and he says you can get B7 now in Deltron. You can also get it in Shopline for $230/gallon.

I was watching an interview online and they said something like the five largest players in the automotive paint world control 95% of the market, and of course, they set the price. I'm sure the profit margin is at least as good as it was back when I worked at a Ford plant. I was getting product at about a 60% discount, and you know the jobber was still making money at that price.
I have used Tamco Primers and Clears.
When it comes to base or single stage, I highly recommend Automotive Art's Motobase.

Just got a quote for a guy that was looking at $1500 a gallon for RM Diamont Single Stage in Burgundy for his Porsche project. Came back just under $400 a gallon with hardener and shipping.

I haven't used the single stage personally, but I have painted a number of vehicles with Motobase.

Here's a couple of them:
'55 Chevy in Subaru Blue Spruce Pearl (Tri-stage)

Front View.JPG

2000 Dodge Dakota in PR4 Flame Red:
Leftside rear view.JPG

'69 Chevy C-10 in 508 Blue Metallic:
Hood Alignment Issues.JPG

This is in the paint cabinet waiting for my 1968 GTX to be ready.
Paint Code Q.JPG

I order it here: Chad's paint and Audio — Auto Rod Technologies and they ship to me in Arizona.