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The return of MAXIMVS...

The drag racer in me will not die it seems... next up is swapping out the 4.56 and spool for a PowR-Lok and 4.10's.

Chuck (snook)
Update time:
  • Dropped off the PB trans for a freshen - I'm not expecting bad things but better safe then sorry been sitting for years
  • Got the Isky cam & kit ordered today. Went with the bushed roller lifters over needle bearing lifters and upgraded to 10* locks and rotators/retainers
  • sent the 8" PTC converter back for credit against a converter better matched for street/strip (~3500 stall)
  • dropped the MW heads off at the machine shop for a valve job and new seals
  • cut the halo off the roll cage - for a look at how I got screwed 16 years ago, here's the link: https://www.forbbodiesonly.com/moparforum/threads/check-the-back-side-of-your-cage-welds.238153/
Chuck (snook)
  • Popped off rod and main caps - looks new, ARP main studs and factory (I think, may be ARP though - they were torqued to 55 FtLbs). Heavy Duty rod bolts. Back together it goes.
This is my first experience with the MW stage II PN# 2406395 rods. Big time beefy, if I had known about these before, I probably would never have used H beams in my past builds, they look to be that strong (I beams). If I can remember, I'll get some pics of them before I button up the bottom end. I don't know if they came bushed and free floating wrist pins but these have been bushed and are free floating. The pistons are MP forged units (PN# P4876451, 0.060" over). The crank is a stock forged 440 unit and the journals are perfect. Bores look good, still some cross hatching present, cam bearings look new - the timing chain was tight with no play (a billet double roller 3-bolt cam unit), it looked like new and like I said, no stretch. I gave the Hughes solid cam, lifters, springs, retainers/locks and that timing set to someone who needs it since I'm replacing with a Isky solid roller setup and Cloyes 3-bolt timing gear set.

Chuck (snook)
The head gasket was a Felpro 0.039" compressed thickness. The pistons are zero decked and the CC is 81cc (head chamber). Calculated CR was in the neighborhood of 11.69:1, I'm installing Felpro 0.051" compressed thickness gaskets to bring that down to 10.9-11.0 CR with 81cc MW iron heads. I will probably have to add some good stuff when I flog it at the track but should be manageable cruising with good 93.

The white headliner is coming out and I'm going with red to compliment the interior and will be much easier to take care of. I really botched that headliner install 16 years ago...

Chuck (snook)
I've been dealing with Isky on the new valve train. I got a call from Ron Iskenderian (Ed's kid) a few minutes ago (2114 EST or 09:14pm EST) about sorting out the new grind. Now THAT's service from an American company. I've run nothing but Isky stuff since 1976 and this is the reason why besides the fact that their stuff runs great in my builds. I still remember the days when Ed would answer the phones (yeah, I'm old now), always a class act and treated everyone the same, big time or small time (me).

Chuck (snook)
Getting close to fire up:
  • Freshened PB trans should be back next week
  • PTC converter on order, should ship next week
  • ISKY solid roller kit shipped next week (had to go to 0.570" lift, [email protected] duration solid roller with an available core - short supply)
  • Dipped deck lid, hood and K-member done this weekend
  • Buttoning up engine bottom end this week
  • Doug's fenderwell headers re-ceramic coated next week and K-member powder coated
  • MW heads valve job done next week
  • Motor and trans should be ready for install end of next week - will have to wait on K-member powder coating and FW headers ceramic coat, probable week after next
That's it for now.

Chuck (snook)
New AMD 63 Plymouth B-Body bumpers got here today. I'm whipped so I'll unbox tomorrow and give you guys my impressions. They sure are packed well though. Picking up the hood, deck lid and K-member up from the dippers tomorrow afternoon, I'll post up some pics.

Chuck (snook)
MW head guides are shot, replacing them as well.

Chuck (snook)
Here's some pics. Had an unpleasant surprise on the hood. Pinholes galore on the front leading edge (really no surprise there, it's common on 62-65 B's). AMD bumpers are very nice, great chrome and stamping.

Chuck (snook)

20220219_174554.jpg 20220219_174614.jpg 20220219_174629.jpg 20220219_174642.jpg 20220219_174654.jpg 20220219_174708.jpg
  • Dana 60 conversion from spool with 4.56 to Dana 60 new Powr-Lok and 4.10's ordered and on the way. Includes D60 rebuild kit and a 4.10 set from Dr. Diff
  • New AMD front and rear bumpers hung to check fit and appearance... perfect. See pics
  • PTC 9.5" converter on the way (replaces a high stall 8" converter - PTC gave a fair credit against the new 9.5" when I returned the 8")
  • Isky solid roller cam & kit delayed shipping to 3/1/2022 - acceptable
  • Trans should be ready next week
  • MW heads should be ready next week
  • Trunk & decklid installed and latches adjusted for towing to the paint shop when mechs are sorted out
  • Restoring wiring starts next week
Chuck (snook)

20220222_171516.jpg 20220222_171528.jpg 20220222_171548.jpg
  • Got the Dana 60 powr-lok sure grip on the way along with a D60 master rebuild kit
  • Picked a 4.10 gear for the street and NSS blasts
This will replace the Strange 35 spline spool and 4.56 pro gear in there right now. Should do the trick and make it a little more streetable. Will re-use the Strange 35 spline axles.

Chuck (snook)
Getting close to fire up in a few weeks... I'll post a video and sound clip of a solid roller high compression 452 (440 .060" over) max wedge headed mill with a crossram. MAXIMVS rides again...

Chuck (snook)
Some bottom end pics of the 2406395 MW rods and ARP main studs before I button it up.

Chuck (snook)

DSC_8788.jpg DSC_8789.jpg DSC_8790.jpg DSC_8791.jpg DSC_8792.jpg DSC_8793.jpg
For those that are looking for help and quality pieces I wholly recommend moparmarks. I've done a few deals with him and he always exceeds my expectations. Good stuff.

Chuck (snook)
Time for an update:
  • Just received the NOS Dana 60 Powr-Lok and Dr. Diff D60 overhaul kit with Timken bearings and a Motive D60 4.10 R&P to replace the Strange D60 spool and 4.56 R&P
  • Invested in a nice balancer puller/installer, ARP thread chasing set (long time coming for this one, had to do it but they are PROUD of them - $113 for 4 chasers)
  • Stocked up on lubes and thread sealants (sealants are necessary for the MW heads, no blind outer exhaust threads on these babies)
  • I am in parts waiting hell from Isky & PTC converters - both should ship next week and then I can degree and button up the bottom end. Going with a 9.5" PTC converter to replace the 8" I had in there.
  • MW heads are done and picked them up yesterday. Shop said they hadn't seen a 1 angle valve job in a while. Now it sports an up to date 3 angle VJ. Springs are waiting on Isky, so I'll finish setting up the heads when I get the Isky kit in. I'll get some pics up when I finish the job. These are unported examples and don't need a full port job for my future use - rare to see unmolested MW heads. Had to replace 2 guides and the rest of the guide heights were all over the place, so Mike squared them up and we're all good now. Mike Rion at Treasure Coast Auto Machine in Stuart FL did the job (he handles most of what I need to farm out - good shop, if you need anything, give him a holler.
  • I need a new driveshaft, so the rusted unit is going to a shop to duplicate this week or weekend.
  • Hopefully the 65 slip yoke PB trans is back from the builder next week.
That's it for now.

Chuck (snook)