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The story of Mary Christmas.....


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Dec 18, 2018
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This is a story that I have been telling for many years, since 1994 I think it happened.... Well it was around this time of year just a few days before Christmas and it was late in the day at the shop I worked at, pretty close to closing time (real close), This women pulled in in a T bird or some type of ford car with calli plates on it. At the time I was living in North jersey the shop was in Flanders, she comes in side and tells me her battery light is on. I got out my meter and sure enough the car isn't charging. So I call my parts store and they are still there and ordered an alternator. As we are waiting, she tells me her story, she had just moved her entire life from cali to jersey to be with a guy she met on the internet or some dating thing. Well, she was here just a week or so and He decided he was not into her and told her to leave. Needless to say, she was kinda in a bad way and not very into Christmas that year. I felt bad for her. We chatted for a bit till her alternator got there and I installed It which got her car charging. she thanked me and paid her bill and left. The next day, she stopped back in the shop with a six pack of beers and thanked me again. She told me she was heading back to California Asap and couldn't wait to leave. She also told me I was the only one who had been this nice while she was here. Her last words to me were merry fuckin Christmas. So every year about this time of year I think of her and Have a beer and toast her and hope everything turned out good for her, ( I never asked her name) So If your still out there Merry fuckin Christmas to you! Hope all's well . Merry Christmas Everyone
Funny, I thought you were going somewhere else with the story.
My mom worked for a lady for a while, whose last name was Christmas. Her first name was...... yep, you guessed it.
even is she was hot........driving 3000 miles and being rejected is a major red flag
<<<<<<< betting she looked nothing like her dating profile pic :rolleyes: