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Christmas Present to my Wife


Making Life Great Again!
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4:34 AM
Jul 20, 2014
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Laguna Beach, CA
My beloved and inside out beautiful wife is still in the later stages of a stem cell transplant protocol @ Cedars Sinai in Beverley Hills, CA. This is her 2nd time around being treated for C. She was in remission for almost exactly 5 yrs when it once again reared its ugly head. This time the treatment plan was to take no prisoners. Cedars Sinai is second only to the Mayo in their expertise in stem cell transplants for cancer. They’ve been “practicing“ this protocol for 30 yrs w/thousands of success stories. Our insurance co denied our going to the University of CA Irvine for this treatment (where my wife works as an RN) because they hadn’t had enough time and experience at it. That is the only hospital in our plan that practices that treatment plan. I blistered them over the phone and demanded out of network options - for which we have no coverage. They took me seriously enough to come up with USC or UCLA as alternatives as if they were in network. Our nationally known Oncologist pressed them further for Cedars Sinai. They allowed us to go there for treatment. They have been rock stars throughout this whole treatment. We’re now at the point where they’re slowly rebuilding her immune system which was stripped down to less than a newborn baby. She rec’d the first 3 of a series of vaccines which will be introduced over the course of this next 12 months.

She is nothing less than a battle tested 2 tour combat veteran (metaphorically speaking - Combat w/cancer) with the spiritual, emotional, physical strength to take this head on both times, never in fear with the Lord at her side at all times. It’s been that kind of year. I’m so eternally blessed to have her and for how long neither of us know. This to me was a small token of my deep love for her.

I slipped away on Weds to do something we don’t do - shop for her Christmas present. This is what I came up with completely and totally unbeknownst to her. Her reaction when she came home that night - Well you just had to be a witness. Priceless and worth every penny and more. She nearly collapsed with joy. A 2024 BMW X640i M Sport loaded to the gills w/everything possible. Just the technology is a total mind bender.

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Expensive gift, but worth it...

hope she has a full & speedy recovery as much as humanly possible
God bless you both, and good luck.
Sounds like a tough woman.
@GetX'd, best wishes to you and your wife this holiday season.
And trusting she gets through this with a clean bill of health.
Enjoy the new ride :thumbsup:
R.C. took the exact words I was going to say! I will add Merry Christmas to both of you.
Let's get this out of the way first:
**** cancer.jpg
I don't cuss a lot. For this, I make an exception; I can't express my hatred for it any more succinctly.
Praying for God to give her (and you!) strength to fight off the evil bastard once again - and you, sir,
are a prince!
Merry Christmas and God bless.
Agree! F@ck cancer. My wife and I are both cancer survivors. Her; lung cancer. Me; colon cancer. She never smoked; Me, I never had a cigarette up my a$$. Luckily, with us the cancer was detected early. My wife lost a lobe off one lung. I had my appendix and about a foot of exhaust pipe removed. No chemo or radiation for either of us. We count our blessings daily.
Cancer is a horrible disease with no respect for human life. I have lost a few friends to it and HATE it. Stay strong for your wife; she needs you now more than ever.
Ed covered my thoughts pretty well... Hoping for a full & speedy recovery.... And you done good in the gift department..... Ya know, Diamonds woulda been cheaper... And most women love Diamonds...
Yes, cancer is an M-Fer. It's taken a couple loved ones from me. Currently, my father in law (a really cool guy) is nearing 80, and he's Stage IV right now.

@GetX'd You and your lady have something special - and ya just bought her a brand new car! Good stuff!
Prayers for your wife and sorry you folks are going through this.
What can ya say but, great gift !
Very short on funds due to legal battle with contractor but have time and supplies. Utilizing what I have.
My very best wishes and prayers to the both of you! She deserves it and much more. You're a good man and great husband.
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