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Things you messed with on your buddies' car

A kid I used to party with was drunk in my Charger and he went to puke out the window, but the window was rolled up, so it all went inside of the door! I took the door apart and douched it out with Pine sol @and even bleach and I couldn't get rid of the smell. I ended up putting another door on the car before the smell would go away!

who did you sell that door to?
My buddy Rick had a Opel station wagon, 4cyl 4-speed. If any of the gang was sitting in the back seat - while cruising down the highway we'd push the shifter out of fourth gear (into neutral) boy he'd get pissed!
Nobody has switched the spark plug wires around to make the engine miss badly?
We turned my friends Volkswagen beetle sideways between two other cars in the high school parking lot.
Nobody has switched the spark plug wires around to make the engine miss badly?
Oh man, did that to a supervisor's truck at work! It was in progressive steps....one crossed wire than two and then three and before it ended, the thing was running on 1 cylinder LOL
Back in the Seventies a friend of mine who lived about three miles from our farm had this '62 Austin Healy Sprite. One day while he was in the store and I waited in his car I noticed his ignition key looked just like my Triumph motorcycle key. So I tried it and it worked! (Keep this to myself for a later.)

Well the day came when he wanted to borrow my '64 Polara for a hot date he had. The Healy just wasn't cutting it for what he had in mind. So while he was out with my car another friend of mine drove me to his place and we picked up the Healy, drove it back to the farm and hid it behind the barn.

The next morning he shows up with my car, comes in the house all upset wanting to use the phone to call the cops. I let him dial almost the whole number then I stopped him and fessed up to what I did. He was a little pissed at first but soon got over it.

Another time he borrowed it and we went looking for him and his girlfriend to see where they were going to "park". When we finally saw him he had already taken her home. He saw us and pulled over. We did the old let him get out and come back and we pull away routine. He looked beat and got pretty frustrated by about the third time.

Every time I saw this commercial I thought of that night...
Not me but neighbors buddies removed all his lug nuts on his 63 fury. That was in the 70’s I was a little kid and still remember his car with 3 wheels missing about 20 feet from where it was parked.
Same neighbor who fired up my car thing with all the muscle cars he owned.
Guy we didn’t like much I took a full bottle of Jean Nate perfume from my moms cabinet and dumped it into his 73 Cutlass defroster vent while he was at work
Use to turn everything "on".

Wipers, radio full blast, turn signal, seat forward, parking brake, etc.

If keys were left in, would hide them above the visor.
Guys I work with did that to me a few times at a Quarry - it was mid-summer, so about 15 minutes before we were ready to leave, I start my van up and put the A/C on to full cold and high speed on the fan. Trouble is when I wasn't looking one of the sneaky bastages changed the setting to hot.

I get in some time later and just about melt in the heat.
Nobody has switched the spark plug wires around to make the engine miss badly?
I know a guy who got a plastic Loctite bottle, filled it with acetylene, and jammed a sparkplug on the end. Taped it all up and connected to the sparkplug lead on another guy's motorbike with a kick-starter.

Booom.......gave the rider a bit of a fright.
And a high school, one boy jammed a potato up the tail pipe of our Science teacher's car. An old Austin J40......man when that thing was trying to start, it rattled and shook, and eventually built up the exhaust pressure. Good old Mr Blair, or as we called him Yogi Blair. :p

That made a hell of a noise when the potato finally let go.......smashed a window in the woodwork room behind it. Good times.
I never did this but I know of a few instances where some tire weights went missing.
My dad bought a 1969 Dodge and the neighbor bought a 69 Mercury. For the first month or so dad would put a gallon of gas in the neighbors Mercury. They were talking fuel economy over beer, he was bragging to dad about how great it was. The next month dad did nothing, then the next month he siphoned some out once and awhile. I remember how pissed the neighbor was when he found out.
You just don't F*$@^! with a man's car (I'll spare ya the Pulp Fiction movie clip).
Ditto. Other than the usual high school bit a bunch of us would do with a friends' Beetle (carting it off to
another part of the parking lot), I've never messed with anothers' vehicle.
We actually moved a guys car at work using those wheel jacks on wheels from harbor freight. You just jack up each wheel and then push the car. This guy deserved it. He was always taking up two spots so nobody could park next to him. And it was a Chevy Cruz. He went nuts thinking someone stole his car until we showed him where we put it.
We chained and locked a set of truck nuts on the back of the vice president of Human Resources suv. We laughed so hard watching him trying desperately to pull them off when he left work that night. He was a big guy and of course we were safely up on the sixth floor watching from a window. The next day he came in and said very funny now take them off! He said His wife was mad and embarrassed because she had to take her friends out that night, but he said his teenage son came running in the house and said dad dad did you see the size of those testicles on the back of the car!

LOL. Nicely played. A plastic bag and a tie wrap would've made them less obvious in a pinch...
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