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Things you messed with on your buddies' car

OK....I have a good friend.....known him for 20+ years now. His boss was a real asshole and would tease my bud Chris because he had a wooden leg. Chris kept a spare leg at work, and that leg was 'stolen' sometimes, and it was brown also, because Chris is of Indian extraction.....and he has an amazing beard much akin to a terrorist. In fact when I call him at work, the first thing I say is like one of those extremist Mooslims doing their 'turkey call'. All I hear from Chris is "Hello Roger" He doesn't mind in the slightest.

Anyway, Chris came in one day and his spare leg had been tarted up....colourful toenail polish, flowers and all sorts of stuff painted on it. There was always banter and shenanigans in the workplace. Chris thought about getting even really good. One Christmas, the boss (Kelly) was off on a 3-week trip with his wife and kids up north for a summer break. Chris decided payback time had come. Chris bought a couple of fresh Mackerels, and carefully hid them behind panels in Kelly's Toyota Landcruiser. The next day Kelly set off on his trip.

It took about 2 days before the family started noticing a bit of a ming in the air. By the 3rd day things were getting out of hand. Nothing could be found under the seats, or in the rear compartment. Day 5 rolls around and Kelly's wife is going mental at him for the outrageous smell. After 3 weeks the fish had still not been found. It was about 5 weeks later that eventually Kelly found the offending fish, and by this time they were so ripe, that even a rat would have turned its nose up.

That Toyota probably still smells like fish to this day....and that all happened about 12 years ago.
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