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Things you messed with on your buddies' car


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Dec 4, 2009
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Pasadena, Texas
Never was malicious because I knew what it was like when someone was with mine but one of the things I liked to do was change all the radio presets to the local 'Kikker' station. Pasadena actually had a station that played country/western music and their call sign was 'KIKK' so the term Kikker wasn't far behind. Another thing was to set the E brake and put the car in R so no start and then when they figured that out, the car wouldn't move once started. One day a buddy of mine came up to me with a fire extinguisher and well, didn't think he would but he did. Black interior including me was instant white. That happened in the late 60's and we're still buddies today.
Use to turn everything "on".

Wipers, radio full blast, turn signal, seat forward, parking brake, etc.

If keys were left in, would hide them above the visor.
Once we lifted a guy's mazda and put milk crates under the frame horns.

Middle of winter and several inches of snow.

Was only about 2 inches higher than normal.

Stood across the parking lot and bout died laughing, watching him get in and out and look at things, and try again.
Best I ever saw- same guy (kind of a dick), someone rolled down his window, and put a bunch of broken glass outside on the ground.

That guy went a bought a box of plastic trash bags and taped one over the missing window to drive home.
How about this; at a stop light and sitting in the passenger's seat, distract the driver to make him look left, then pull the car out of gear.

You just don't F*$@^! with a man's car (I'll spare ya the Pulp Fiction movie clip).
a hot little blonde :fool:
It's not cool leaving pecker tracks in your buddies car.
I did hear of someone......putting a pair of hot pink panties on the passenger side floor by the door of the shop teacher's car back in high school.
He had some explaining to do....:lol:
I've never done this, but one of the best practical jokes I've heard of is to put a zip tie on the drive shaft so the tail slaps the floor
Best I ever saw- same guy (kind of a dick), someone rolled down his window, and put a bunch of broken glass outside on the ground.

That guy went a bought a box of plastic trash bags and taped one over the missing window to drive home.
I've never done this, but one of the best practical jokes I've heard of is to put a zip tie on the drive shaft so the tail slaps the floor
Heard of that one before....but too much trouble to put the zip tie on it lol. We did the nickles in the hub cap a few times and potatoes in the exhaust pipes. Did that to a neighbors car but first we ran water into the pipes first then potatoes. His pipes actually were routed under the rear end so was able to get lots of water in them.
It wasn't my car,but a kid I went to high school with, had a 73 340 Cuda, and asked me to come look at the car. He had the torqueflite rebuilt and the car would move after he put it back in. I had to give him the bad news that he didn't have the torque converter in all the way and in and he sheared off the converter snout and destroyed the front pump.
Someone put liberal amounts of oil in my new exhaust pipes once. Sure was a lot of smoke on my way home that night lol. When I worked at the auto parts store, I made sure to oil all of the hanging pipes to prevent them from rusting on the inside.
Set all of the radio presets to country stations- he hates country music.
The jumbo zip tie on the driveshaft trick.
Custom rear license plate which resulted in a traffic stop.
Hillary bumper sticker.
The best was a suction cup dildo stuck on his tail gate, he drove a couple hundred miles on the interstate wondering why everyone in passing cars were giving him such strange looks.
A guy who worked with me bought a 80s Cutless and it had a bumper sticker on the back bumper that read I then a red heart then hockey players. So back then Spencer Gifts at the mall used to sell stickers with the picture of a screw to put over the heart on those I heart bumper stickers, so I bought them. When the coffee truck showed up I asked the guy with the Cutless, how long he has been screwing hockey players. About 25 people got a good laugh out of that one. Then I had to use up the rest of the screw stickers so whenever I saw one of those I heart bumper stickers they got a screw sticker. Some of them were pretty funny, like "I screw New York " I screw my German Shepherd " and "I screw my Shetland Pony"! Lol
I once had a painter friend working on the same jobsite that I was, and he decided to play a trick on me by putting cat shtttttt on my rolls of carpet. Well, that was not nice. So, I went to the local supermarket and picked up a can of sardines. when I returned to the jobsite, I opened his work van, and took the inside panel loose and hid them behind the panel. He had to sell the van to get rid of the smell. LOL
The same thing happened on a job I was working on. The restaurant were were building was almost ready to open, and it had snowed out the night before. The electricians thought that they would pull a prank on the cook. So they called him outside the back door to see if they positioned the lights for the loading dock area the way he wanted them, and when he came out the door to check one of the electricians dumped a 5 gallon bucket of snow on his head from the roof above. They all had a good laugh, so a few days later the cook put the heads of smelts down the defroster ducts of the electricians work van! Man did that stink after about a week! I don't think they ever got the smell out either! We were drinking at my house one night and my cousin ordered a pizza with everything on it,well he forgot to say no anchovies, and he took one bite of it,spit it back in the box and put it under the front seat of my friends Camaro who was outback drinking in my garage! That got pretty ripe smelling after a week too!
At work was another whole ballgame with the company trucks. If you worked in the field, you had a truck assigned to ya and it was the truck you used everyday. Oh man....open game with that lol. But sometimes things would spill over to the personal cars and that was usually never a good thing. One guy put some prussian blue on someone's door handle one night and once the owner got off from working OT, he just thought it was dew from the night (heavy dew here lots of times) and he just wiped his hand on his pants. Well, PB doesn't really dry so it got on his seats then once at home he kicked back on the carpet in the den against the sofa to watch some TV. He had really light colored carpet and now the PB is on that too. He was pissed to say the least and I don't blame him. I guess he never did look on his hand to see it either....
A kid I used to party with was drunk in my Charger and he went to puke out the window, but the window was rolled up, so it all went inside of the door! I took the door apart and douched it out with Pine sol @and even bleach and I couldn't get rid of the smell. I ended up putting another door on the car before the smell would go away!
My uncle told me a story that him and his buddies would put a jumper wire from the horn wire to the brake light switch on other friends cars. They said it was hilarious to watch them drive away with the horn blowing whenever they hit the brakes...
had a friend who raked clams and sold them........ he was known to slip a clam under a car seat on more than one occasion...... like a little time bomb in the summer heat