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Jul 18, 2022
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Keymar, MD
I have a 2017 Ram 2500 that has around 23,000 miles on it. The original Firestone tires that came with the truck are about shot. Pretty disappointed that they aren't going to make it much past 25K. Tires are a 285/60R20 size. Truck is mainly used to drive back and forth to work and tow to the racetrack about once a month. What tires have you guys put on your trucks and liked?
Well, they are 6 years old. I like Nitto’s, but they are expensive.
I have been really pleased with the Michelin LTX/MS tires. :thumbsup:

I had a set on my pick-up when I was pipe-fitting/welding and traveling coast-to-coast....got almost 70K miles out of them. I also just put a set of four on my Dodge van daily driver....made a world of difference in the ride(maybe because my old tires were completely JUNK!!!!)
'05 Ram 2500 HD, my Main use is towing, or hauling.

BF Goodrich T/A KO2, LT285/70R17, Load Range E. I don't even look at other tires, for My needs...
^^^^ like he said. I use the exact same on my 2018 Ram. Love them and would buy again. They are a 'All Weather Tire" so they are snow rates as well.
I have been really pleased with the Michelin LTX/MS tires.
I was too..... I ran the MS/2's on the vans for many years, and the AT's on the trucks. But Michelin has now changed up what they are doing in the way of warrantee presentation and they don't make many of the same tires we were used to for so long. They refuse to commit to mileage estimations like they used to. Problem for me, may be that 16"s are going the way of the dinosaur. Their most popular stuff now is low profile passenger cars tires....everyone is griping that the treadwear mileage is crappy, but they obviously need a softer compound for those types of tires.

I need to pull the trigger right now on a pair for the front of a van, and will watch this thread closely for current info. :thumbsup:
I have the factory Firestones on a 2018 Ram 2500 4WD. They're fine on dry, clean roads but the truck is pretty much disabled in an inch of snow using 4WD. I had Michelin LTX M/S on last Ram and they were the best truck tire I've ever owned. Good for 60k miles. They don't appear to be very snow-worthy but performed very well in snow. 30k miles on my current truck and I will be putting Michelins on it when the time comes.
I have had BF Goodrich All Terrain TAs, Dick Cepek and Nittos on my Dodge trucks over the years. The best tire of that bunch was the BF Goodrich for ride quality, handling, road noise and tread life. I do like the Nittos though.
I had a set of Bridgstone Duelers, go a little over 40,000 on a 4x4 silverado.
I do rotate each 4th or 5th oil change.
They were a all season tread with a closed / solid shoulder.
Just on my 2nd set of Firestone Destination tires suggested by the shop I buy tires from. I had them on one of my prior trucks. Aside from the must-haves for traction and such, want a quiet tire. I just changed the tires out and recall I got pert-near 45k and could have driven them another couple thou to the wear bars, estimated by the shop. Price-wise I think they’re mid-range. Think my invoice was just over a grand with mounting, balancing, and alignment.
I have had two sets of these and they wear like iron.

Bridgestone Duravis​

Cooper discoverer 265x17s on my diesel pickup. Second set, I'd buy a third. Made in USA.
Got new tires recently on my box truck. Dont recall the brand, havent made any impression , other than they were damn expensive. 19.5s, $1600 for 6, m&b. More than a quarter of what we paid for the truck.
Ill second the cooper’s. Got a set on my ‘98. Not s as lot of miles maybe 15k on them 2 years old this Christmas. The Michliens on the work truck got 13k and at most 50% a couple are close to the wear bars. Maybe they’ll go 25k but I doubt it, but to be fair they have a bit of gravel roads on them.
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