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TV shows you used to love.

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And the Green Hornet.

And Saturday cartoons. Who wants to name some of those?

I'm in the same camp as @1STMP , having grown up with a black & white TV. I remember when Batman came out 'In living color'. I thought, 'I don't see what the big deal is'. A year later, my dad bought a color TV. "Ohhhhh, now I get it'!
Monty Python
Get Smart
Bugs Bunny
The Rat Patrol
F Troop
Laugh In
When I was a kid I loved shows like Adam 12 and Emergency.
I wanted to move to LA and become a cop when I grew up.
I liked Movin On when it came on. I built model trucks and decided I wanted to be an over the road trucker.
I didn’t end up becoming a cop or a trucker, though I work as an engineer for a truck manufacturer and some of the truck chassis I set up are for fire truck and police command trucks, so I guess that ties in a little with my childhood dreams.
The Edge of Night
Twilight Zone
McMillen and Wife
Streets of San Fransisco
Adam 12
Benny Hill
The Rockford Files
Miami Vice
Black Sheep Squadron
A Team

Back when TV was TV and actually produced a product other than reality BS and trying to see who can say more F-bombs than the other.
I was a huge fan of Movin On. A few years after it was off the air, I played the role of Sonny Pruitt's co-driver Will Chandler in real life, as part of a team driving a Kenworth W900 coast to coast in the summers of 1981 and 1982, earning the money to pay for my next year of law school when I returned in the fall.
The Munsters
Gilligan's Island
Six Million Dollar Man
Welcome Back Kotter
Happy Days
The Fall Guy
Sanford and Son
Starsky and Hutch
Good thread Greg !
Without relisting several shows I seen most all with the rest of you over 60 guys.
One addition , I know it came on later and perhaps I missed it on someone's list but ........ how about
Criminal Minds, Little rascals, the list is long.
My wife really liked Golden Girls and Frasier.
I liked "Emergency".
I remember as a little kid....the Saturday morning cartoons. Aquaman, the Bugs Bunny/Road Runner hour, SuperFriends...
Who remembers ULTRAMAN?
How many of these do you
Red Skelton
Jackie Gleason
The Carol Burnette Show
Smothers Brothers
Petticoat Junction
Mr. Ed
The Rifleman
Car 54 Where Are You
I Dream of Jeanie
American Bandstand
Rin Tin Tin
The Adventures of Superman
Lost in Space
The Twilight Zone
To answer your question…Edited your list to reflect. Most only seen as re-runs due to age of course.
My dad was inspired by Petticoat Junction in naming my sister…Jamie Jo (no middle name)
I'm only including the ones that were produced in my time (70s on up) even though I also grew up with older shows like I Love Lucy, Honeymooners, Little Rascals and all the great classic 60s stuff. I should also only post 5 or 6 from each era or the list might be a little long!
Sanford & Son
Dukes of Hazzard
Happy Days
Battlestar Galactica
In Search Of....(the original with Leonard Nimoy)
Solid Gold
Married...with Children
Seinfeld (technically started in mid-89 but I consider it 90s)
The original airing of Beavis and Butthead
Everybody Loves Raymond
Home Improvement
Keeping Up Appearances
Law and Order
Midsomer Murders (started late 90s but lived most of it's good years in the 2000s)
Trailer Park Boys

And pro football and baseball since about '80. NHL since late 80s. NFL not as much anymore but still following baseball.
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I watched Friends when it was new. It is so interesting how time changes your perspective. I've seen bits of reruns of that show and can't believe how lame and inane the show was, During it's time, the show was a ratings monster.

I've grown to really resent the laugh tracks in TV shows. It is as if they think I'm not smart enough to know what I think is funny. Once you're aware of that annoying feature of these shows, you see it everywhere.

I remember loving to watch the Six Million Dollar Man. Remember "Bionics" ??
Some shows came on after my bed time but I learned about them through Mad magazine! They would do features on TV shows in the magazine and get me curious of what shows I hadn't heard of.
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She could have been the product of a previous relationship her mother had & Worman adopted her when he & Allysa's mom got married. If so, that wouldn't be the first time that's happened.

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That woman expands and contracts like a pufferfish. I've never seen a woman change size as often as her. One season she is cute and thin, the next...she is in the "Honey Boo Boo" fighting class.
That woman expands and contracts like a pufferfish. I've never seen a woman change size as often as her. One season she is cute and thin, the next...she is in the "Honey Boo Boo" fighting class.

Yeah, I was The Fall Guy but no cameras were rolling.
I did survive the stunt!
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