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TV shows you used to love.

Funny, I don't watch a stich of TV any more. Mainstream that is. Strictly Youtube these days. Pick and choose. Great old movies on there also
Ghost and Mrs. Muir was one of Mom's favorites.
I remember liking that show as a kid also...thanks.

Another childhood fave was 'Family Affair' with the kids Buffy & Jody. Similar era.
Greatest American Hero
The jammies Ralph....did you bring the jammies? :lol:

Should I be ashamed to admit that I watched
The Monkees
The Banana Splits - Tra la la
I can't believe I forgot this one, one of my all-time favorites....I don't think it's been mentioned yet.

I watched it.
I also had the clothes....Me, in my late teens, early 20s dressed like Sonny Crockett.....

1 laugh 5.gif
didn't realise cartoons were part of it
space ghost
the Herculoids
road runner
the funky phantom
The Bugs Bunny show
loony tunes
the jetsons
secret squirrel
Tom and Jerry (original one )
danger mouse
Pinky and the brain
Ren and Stimpy
angry beavers
eek the cat
Rocko's Modern Life
Mom loved The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits.
I loved holiday weekends where they'd run a Twilight Zone marathon.
Didn't Vincent Price host some show with short thriller type stories?
Fuzzy memory for me.
My parents never cared for Dallas, Knots Landing, Dynasty or those other popular rich people dramas.
I watched a few episodes of Knight Rider but found it to be as lame and cheesy as these Fast and Furious movies.
Everyone's done a wonderful job of listing all the shows that mattered for about 60 years or so!
I can't say any of them are shows I used to love, though - I still love them and watch some of them
(mostly on MeTV before bedtime). :)

I'll toss in some (obscure?) more modern ones I haven't seen mentioned yet:
1. The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
2. Mystery Science Theater 3000
3. Corner Gas
4. Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson
5. Good Eats
6. Bosch (both iterations)

What I consider the best two shows of modern times:
OIP.jpgR (1).jpg
Better Call Saul especially was Breaking Bad on steroids - a better collection of writing,
producing and acting will never come together on a TV series again IMO.
Similar opinion on Justified - but no, I don't like the brand new one that's out now.

Miscellaneous - we also quite enjoy:
1. The Grand Tour
2. Top Gear (with the correct three hosts)
3. Clarkson's Farm
4. Fargo - any season of it
5. Yellowstone
6. Boardwalk Empire (monumental series!)
7. Whose Line is it Anyways?
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