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Long Boring intro to me and my first request for help.

My name is Robert. I am an old time mopar fanantic. In the 80's as a teenager, I owned numeorus mopars including a 1970 Dodge Charger SE with an auto and every option including A/C, power windows, locks, brakes, leather and I paid $1,000.00 for it. It was 12 years old and already had rust but......that 383 Magnum which was bone stock would take those 1970 454 Chevelles and eat them for lunch. You know how some engines came out of the factory with some extra time put into them and tight clearances. That was mine. I kept that car at age 16 and then bought a 1970 Plymouth Satellite with a factory 383, 4 speed and DANA rear. This car I paid $2500.00 for and was considered expensive in the day but it had a rebuilt engine that I could wind to 6500-7000 RPM's and easily turn 12's at Moroso in the 1980's and honestly, probably was faster but I couldn't get off the line without spinning the tires and lost time. I wasn't experienced enough but ask me if I cared. I have been working on cars since in was 13. While in High School at 17, I obtained at least 5 ASE certifications in front end (biggest profit maker), A/c which I hated and 3 others which I don't remember but it was enough to get me hired at Massey Dodge when they were located on Federal Highway in the 1980s as their primary front end mechanic. Back then, there were still old school mechanics from the 50's, 60's and 70's and those guys taught me mopars and after hours or on the weekends, they taught me every secret ( the hardest being replacing control arm bushings) but I became proficient. Since I was the youngest mechanic making an honest $500 plus a week back then they made me (paid me an hourly wage for a month or two) and another service assistant ( unfortunately he passed from sickle cell in his 20's ( I didn't find out for over 10 years later and I cried) move us to a closed down Plymouth Dealership in Plantation, FL and we were the first one to opens that tomb that closed in the early 1970's. When we opened those huge bay doors.....it was like opening an ancient Egyptian tomb. There was this huge open massive building and dust was slowly dropping down. The smell sticks to me to this day from around 1983ish. We walked around and the parts department was completely filled with parts. Obviously we didn't know any better and the GM told us to clean it out. I took a couple of old radios, a few sets of shock absorbers but if I could have predicted the future, I could have had Ten Million plus dollars now. No one knew and I am no Elon Musk. We spent over a month cleaning that mechanics bay. I was ordered to remove all of the paint booths top windows and reseal them. We worked on those old fashion hydraulic lifts and fixed air compressors. I learn so much and honestly, It was the best time of my life. Old man Yardley was not nice and fired me one day after hours visiting some friends at a used car dealership across the street on Federal. I cried to my mom and was called in by the GM the next day and said Yardley overreacted but I was not some wimp. I turned the offer down and got hired by a tire and front end shop and started making over $700.00 a week. A nice sum for an 18 year old in the 80s. To this day, that new dealership that I helped open is still going under the name of Massey Yardley Chrysler, Ram, Jeep and my neighbor is a friend and is the General Manager in sales. I have bought several new cars from him. They are great dealership with honest nice employees.
I'm retired Law Enforcement (from a city of 115 officers in Broward County, FL) from 1987-2014 (27 years) with my last 6 as a SGT. I help raise 3 great kids, now 13 (girl), 18, athlete boy who plays baseball who has a cheerleader girlfriends for over 15 months) funny because my wife was a cheerleader and a 24 year old son who just got hired by a Miami based Police Department making $66,000 to start in the academy!). I am proud but have my own issues due to long-term PTSD and I not a victim). I am finally at the point where I can engulf myself in the mopar world again. About a year ago, I bought a 1966 Plymouth Satellite which started out as a 383 4 Speed and ended up with a transplanted 1971ish Fury 440 that had some work done to it. I bought it because it is rust free and has no bondo and rust issues (rare). a semi decent paint job and enough power to scare me a tiny bit!!! It has manual drum brakes, no power steering and rips my shoulder sockets out at low speeds and couldn't stop if a bull dozer was attached to it but it can only be driven hard and fast. It needs brakes, transmission, electrical work etc. I drove it 250 miles from the place I bought it from. The seller thought I was nuts but, hell!!!!! How do you figure out what a car needs unless you drive it. I drove it home in Florida in the horrible Florida rain, no wipers, 90 degrees, no brakes etc, fogged windshield and by the time I got home ( a 3 hour normal drive with a good friend following) took us 5 hours, I knew everything that it needed. The seller told me I was crazy. I told him are you hiding anything???? He had nothing to say but I wanted and love that explosively fast mopar home that couldn't stop .
Now, my first request for anyone willing to help.... I noticed that the car did not have a windshield washer tank or pump. It did have the nozzles. I bought a new kit from Atlas Obsolete for around $200.00. I also bought all of the cars electrically, body and mechanical reproduction manuals from ebay. ****!!!! It shows where the pump goes but it has three holes and there is only one in the left side of the engine compartment. I also can't find which wire from the firewall works from the wiper switch inside so, can someone please guide me.
. Help me please figure this out because I have checked the internet and books but there isn't much.
Hey Robert, Welcome to the club. You were right about that intro. All good intel about your past and congrats on 27 years with Law Enforcement. I got screwed by every shop I took my cars to for body work so I had to learn to redo their work (70s-90s). Decided to just do it myself. I could screw it up multiple times and still not spend the money I was paying. That was when NOS parts were still available. My last resto mod was a 71 Camaro LS2 6 speed. Decided to go back to Mopar. Bought the last Chrysler with fins (61 Newport coupe). Put a warmed up 440 and 4 speed with 3.23 psi rear end in it. Then I got the urge to build something that was going up in value not depreciating. I bought a 68 RR coupe. Now 2 years into that effort. It will be a crate 6.4 TR6060 6 speed. I have been acquiring parts for that long. Take care and I'm sure we'll connect again.
Hey Robert welcome from just up the road a ways! I'm not too familiar with 66's but it looks to me like your heater hoses are where the washer pump wants to live. The metal tab with the zip ties holding the hoses doesn't look factory either, maybe that's where one of the holes for the pump should be?
Hey Robert welcome from just up the road a ways! I'm not too familiar with 66's but it looks to me like your heater hoses are where the washer pump wants to live. The metal tab with the zip ties holding the hoses doesn't look factory either, maybe that's where one of the holes for the pump should be?
Welcome Robert. As Rockland said, move the heater hoses! Should be 3 indents there!
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