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Voltage regulator and alternator issue


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Sep 16, 2013
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Los Banos,California
Hello so I had my voltage regulator go out on my 69 charger 318 with points ignition , ordered a new voltage regulator went and installed it but it’s not charging, went and dug up an old voltage regulator from a junk pile and it worked .So been trying to dig up info on this why the new regulator won’t work thought maybe it was bad and emailed the seller, seller tells me it’s a solid state regulator and should work, well found out I have a newer style square back alternator so my question is is their a way to make it work? I looked it up and there is a way to make it work but the explanation I’ve see I’m not understanding it so if someone can explain it to me is simpler terms if someone knows how I would appreciate it,even drawings would be greatly appreciated as I’m more of a visual learner.
Let me know

The solid state ones need a real good ground.
If another works and the new does not there's your clue. The new one is no good.
These Chineseum garbage solid state Voltage Regulators are not worth the $ 9.95 you paid for it.... and cause problems.....

Get a Standard brand --- they are the Standard of Quality --- V R 101 ( NOT the VR101T --- their economy line ) --- if you can find one out there in California......

And, if NOT , I keep ten of them in stock ( I am a Standard Distributor) .... P.M. me, as per forum rules, if you want one......

Yours, Craig.....
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