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Water resistant independent power distribution block?

493 Mike

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Dec 25, 2011
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White Cloud, MI
I'm wiring up my 65 Belvedere and have 17 circuits to run to the front of the car. I'm going thru the right fender well and need a way to route thru a grommet in the fender at the front edge. I thought a distribution strip might work as I can terminate each wire and attach them to the strip. It will get wet when driving in the rain and I may be able to waterproof the area but, is anything commercially available I could use?
I believe there's a distribution block with a cover to protect the wires from getting wet.
I did spend some time looking before writing my query. And I plan to spend more time if need be. Thanks fellas.
Use a waterproof bulkhead connector.
You will need to size it for the wire gauge of wires you are using.
I think what I want is a water resistant, independent terminal strip to use as a junction for wiring so I can split all my circuits to pass thru the fender. Thanks for the ideas.
I was thinking more along the lines of the Deutsch Circular Bulkhead connectors and Mil-Std-38999.
Just need to find one for the correct sized current pins and pin count. Use the filters to help narrow the search.
DEUTSCH HDP20 Housings: CAT-H396-CH8172
HDP24-24-16SN : DEUTSCH Automotive Housings

These connectors are nice, but the tools are expensive. Also, the price is just the connector shell, then you need to buy the connector pins and other accessories.
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