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What does a shop charge for front end rebuild?


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May 10, 2020
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I was quoted $2500.00 - $3000.00!

This seems high. They did state that all the parts all get powder coated, includes the alignment... and it includes some part that is mostly missed by shops that is Mopar related (whatever that is?)
They said the use Moog parts, that they acquire of course, for warranty reasons.

Also I removed my power steering. Should that be reinstalled for a rebuild?

I believe it. I took my daily driver 2007 GMC for an alignment a couple of years ago and they wanted like $2000 to swap out all the worn out stuff and align it. I ordered the parts on ebay and did it my self for about $600. I would imagine that they would charge more for a old Dodge, that they are not as familiar with. Just my thoughts, I haven't gotten an actual quote.
This is actually a Mopar specific shop that I found... about an hour away. I am hoping that I can trust their judgement.
I'm a cheapskate! That's way too much money in my opinion.! Find somebody from this forum near you that can help you re-build your front end, or do it for you. Unless you don't mind paying that much for a front end restoration. Heck! Learn to do it yourself! And when you're done, you'll have all kinds of cool tools and $$$ left over.
At first I thought that was high. But if they are going to disassemble, blast, and powder coat all the parts. Supply the new parts, assemble, and do the alignment. That does not sound bad. Yes you need the steering installed to do the alignment.
Labor rate X the hours to do it. 6+ hours + alignment @ $100+ an hour? Edit: for the parts replacement only. Powder coating and alignment extra. For all that you listed that they were going to do it's a decent deal.
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Power Steering was removed. The steering itself is still intact.
It's been a few years, but the last one we did for a customer was $1000 plus parts. We cleaned and painted, but no powder coating. LCA's are the most time consuming part of a rebuild.
How deep is the rebuild going? K frame out and done as well? Parts and labour... not sure 3 grand would cover how I do them.
I had my 66 Dart done at a local dealer on my tool route. I traded a wire welder for it. It was a $700 deal for me. It took us all day.
I don't see how that shop can return the car without the steering box, but still be aligned?

What did I miss?
hang the engine, pull the k frame, and replace the T bars while you're in there.....

service the brakes and wheel bearing too.....
Please define “power steering removed”
Power Steering was removed. The steering itself is still intact.
Do you mean you removed the pump only?
Is There a manual box in the car now?
Please define “power steering removed”

Do you mean you removed the pump only?
Is There a manual box in the car now?
Yes, just the pump was removed. Basically, just has manual steering right now.

Where the hose was removed, I just capped off. Been driving it this was for months now. The suspension is just super sloppy, like an old truck. Kind of scary.
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No that’s not manual steering, that is a planned malfunction. So you did notice the big dead spot in it? Turn the wheel and nothing happens. This is a source of your super sloppy front end problem.

Does the shop know you have the pump off and plugged? They cannot align it like that. Caster & camber fine, but cannot get the wheel straight. No reputable shop would want there name on it for liability reasons. Fix the steering and that might make it drive good again, but there certainly could be other problems.

I’ve driven several mopars with the belt off the PS pump, it is not fun and could be dangerous in traffic and tight areas.
Wow must be an interesting drive, very heavy steering with the quicker power steering ratio coupled with lots of play in the front end.
You won't need the pump working to get an alignment but what's your plan on fixing it? Maybe switch to a manual steering box while you're doing the rest of the front end?
No there is no dead spot in it. It's fine. There is no fluid, so it's manual all the time. It's not like it's power steering one second and manual the next.

It seemed sloppier when the power steering was working.

I do plan on putting the power steering back in again. That car is a pretty heavy car to go without it. Although a lot of these cars came standard without it.
I disagree on the alignment - I think it can be done without the pump. I did mine at home with a tape measure, spirit level etc and it tracks straight and true. I didn't have the engine running to do the alignment so no power steering.
The alignment is coming from the tie rod adjustment, as long as the steering is physically connected you should be fine.

Aside from that I agree with the others on driving it around like that "for months" - you're crazy, and a liability to the other people on the road.
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