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What is the UNofficial FBBO policy toward meme threads?

Kern Dog

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Apr 13, 2012
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The Long running meme thread I started was dumped....the blame was Political content in the General Forum.
Yeah, okay.
Ghostrider started another and even IT was dumped. Kiwi posted a few memes after I did, then it was dumped. If Kiwi thought anyone's memes were offensive, why would he post his own memes after them ?
Is there a new rule to quickly lock and dump any meme threads?
Usually when there is a change of rules or an enhancement of them, someone in "power" starts a thread to announce it. There has been nothing from the Moderators on this. Two meme threads dumped in a 24 hour period and nobody with any authority is talking.
As Moderators, are you making a decision on your own or is Joey demanding that these threads are to be deleted?
Also, with the complaints that I have seen from Moderators, why would you want to be one? How does this unpaid "job" benefit you?
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This may explain

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Could this mean that we have a 99.7% chance of NOT having political comments but when .03% slip through, the whole thread gets dumped?

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It's called Censorship. Get used to It, as Our Political Forum, may be Gone Soon...
This is the second time I believe, what part of NO ****, NO POLITICAL COMMENT people do not understand, is it so hard, really? the tread was ment to be fun that's it, I suggest you to start a PC with one of the mods to see if you can get it back :mob:
The MEME thread(s) were ones I reviewed daily. I found the variations in humor interesting and clever. Every post wasn’t to my cup of tea, so I would just move on to the 1000s that I found damn funny! It’s a shame they keep getting pulled.
Why didn't you click LIKE on any of them?
I for one Loved the Meme thread. Heck I find myself here more than I do over on Abodies
in the last year. It's a shame it keeps getting dumped. Almost everything can be turned Political Now a days. To bad. We all need laughter today. It's rough out there.