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Windshield wiper blade noise.


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Oct 15, 2010
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Brooklyn, New York
My wiper blade fill ins make an annoying noise as they swipe across the glass, what trick or product have y'all come up with short of replacing the fill in's. Mine are new and the windshield is always clean. Just annoying especially when there is no delayed wiper swipe feature on the car, a '73 Coronet.
Clay bar the windshield, apply RainX, soak wiper refills in 303 Aerospace Conditioner.
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Rain-x green or orange windshield washer fluid works for me....
The rubber they use now days is at fault. The more expensive blades don't seem to do this. Also they offer silicone blades which are a little pricey.

I know we're limited to what we can use for refills on our classics. For our everyday drivers you mainly get what you pay for.

What I don't like about RainX is when it's about time for another application it starts smearing real bad in light rain. It works great when first applied. Works great on plexiglass too!
The really great part of Rain-X is you don't even need to use the wipers in moderate to heavy rain. The harder it downpours the better you can see. It works on all your exterior glass. I have been going to try it in the fiberglass shower in my house-never remember to do it.