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Would you buy it?

Sort of reminds me of how old I've gotten I guess, but $9k for a non-marquee roller minus drivetrain just seems
rich as heck. Given that ask, they're probably after $7500 as it sits anyways.
Oh - and whatever you think you'll be into it to "get it nice" once bought? Double it.
It's the most complete roller I have seen in a while. There are thousands of dollars in parts you don't have to buy.
Unfortunately that’s the going rate. It’s not $9k nice, but the days of cheap car are long gone. The color is right, the “patina” is right, buy it and don’t think about it

My GTX was 4k in 2017, it still has good paint, and a GTX! $12k later, it’s not any prettier, but it’s a driver (or was lol)

Looks like my Coronet when I bought it 40 years, 500K miles and a rebuild ago for $1K. But it's straighter and I'm still looking for that door trim although I got two of everything else. $10K is the new $1K if you want a really nice Mopar.
I would offer 7500 cash and see how it goes, and be ready to settle at about 8000 or 8500.
I like it. I wouldn’t pay the asking price for it but a rust-free mopar is a rust-free mopar.
If it was a 68-70 Charger someone would be asking $50k for it.
From that perspective, it's cheap.
Drop in a 383/727, new gas tank, rebuild the brakes, then go cruizing
I looks to be in about the same condition as my '67 R/T that I bought about 35 years ago (N.C.car). I paid $2750Can. for it, and it kept me awake all night. I had never paid that much for a roller before. But, I have never regretted it. No powertrain, needed interior and paint, but was practically rust-free. It turned into a beautiful musclecar.
That Satellite is still a very desirable car with bucket seat interior and factory A/C. The car looks virtually rust-free with all its trim. Up here in salt belt Ontario, that would be a $12,000 car all day long. I am sure some one will snap it up pretty fast. I figure the seller is looking for about $8500. Put together a nice 383 or 360, and it will be a lot of fun. The factory A/C would be better with the 360. 383 would use some different piping. I was never a big fan of the factory silver below the lower trim. Just my $0.02.

If somebody had a 67 that just had all new steel installed, quarters, fenders, floor and trunk pans etc, how much would they be asking?
I know that if I did that work myself, I wouldn’t let any body style go for less than 10G. Be it a Dart or a Satellite or a Chevelle.
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Looks so nice in pics; I'd have to ask about what happened to the motor?
I see a lot of expense you do not have to spend after you buy. Wheel/tires are nice that’s 1k, center console is 1k, front seats 1k. Hell everything’s 1k.

Would you buy it for 5k if you had to buy all that stuff for it? That’s where the value is.

And, adjusted for inflation, that car is last years $5,000 car……….
If you want it and the money doesn't take food off the table, yes.


She came from Planet Claire
I knew she came from there
She drove a Plymouth Satellite
A-faster than the speed of light
67's are not my favorite year of the muscle car era, but if that car was close to me, it would already be in my garage. There is just not many left that are that solid and complete. To me it is a bonus that there is not motor because I would put together a stroker big block anyway. Agree with taking a trailer with $7500 in cash over to him and see what happens.....
If your trailer isn't hooked up by now, your in trouble after all tese comments haha! Go get it and get yourself a nice driver for under 20K when you are done.
Solid and Complete...at that asking price, it's a no brainer. Even if so much of it needs rebuilt or repaired, hey... at least it's there! I bought my '68 Coronet in the same condition, except the 318/904 was still there, and the interior was shredded. All those little bits and pieces you would otherwise need to find, add up to BIG money in the end.

I've seen gutted, roller Road Runners for $10K - no way, Jose'! That Plymouth may never fetch $80K at Mecum, but who cares. Build it the way you want it, and drive it with a big sh*t-eating grin on your face!
I'd give that car a serious look, if it's relatively solid, it would be another car for me to play with. Now, what route ? Hemi Satellite clone ? Magnum 360 ? modern hemi ? Those would be my thoughts, whichever $$ and intent is a personal choice.
The owner is a friend of mine. He owns a Mopar Restoration shop in Buckeye AZ. This car is the real deal. If you're looking for a project where you don't have to chase down missing parts Other than motor/trans or fix rust this is it. If there is such a thing as an easy restoration this is as close as it gets.