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  1. Darius

    71-74 3 speed wiper switch wiring question

    Hey guys. I have already burnt one switch up trying so I give up and am asking for help. This is a switch for a 71-74 B Body 3 speed wiper switch. I am trying to match the correct lead from the wiper motor to the correct blade on the switch. The diagram is showing the raised letters on the...
  2. Darius

    HID Headlight swap questions

    I want to install HID lamps in my 70 GTX. The power supply side of this swap is not so big an issue, it seems pretty straight forward what that would require. My question is, has anyone done this and if so where did you buy the kit. I see kits but none of what I have found have the "housing"...
  3. Darius

    71up 3speed wiper switch

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a 71 up B Body 3 speed wiper switch with the washer feature...with color codes???
  4. Darius

    Battery disconnect vs computers

    In more modern cars with computers managing engines and transmissions how much risk of losing data is there if you have a battery disconnect and leave it disconnected for long periods of time?????
  5. Darius

    Lizzard Skin YES!!!!!!!

    I sprayed every surface I could reach that made sense to spray. I sprayed BOTH of their products everywhere. I cannot believe how quiet this car rides . I have Dynomax VT 's on 2 3/4 stainless straight off the stock exhaust manifolds. If it is at all possible I STRONGLY suggest you at least...
  6. Darius

    Glass Polishing

    I am asking around.... Does anyone have a good solution to get rid of 'haze" on the inside of a rear window. My GTX has terrible haze on the rear glass. I have tries everything from paint thinner to 0000 steel wool to clay bar and nothing gets it. Anyone tried the Eastwood product with good...
  7. Darius

    3 point retractable belts

    Has anyone used these belts from year One or Classic in a 68-70 B with buckets? Opinions?
  8. Darius

    3 point seat belts

    My 70 GTX is getting close to re-assembly. I want to install a NICE set of 3 point belts. i have Corbeau bucket seats....not the kind with slots in the back rest for belts. But they do have head rests more like a newer bucket seat design. Any body used an after market 3 point system in a B...
  9. Darius

    remote mirror parts source

    I have two A body sport mirrors and both of them have broken cables. Does anyone know where I can buy a new set of these cables? I have not seen any in any of the major repro houses i.e. Classic, PG, Year One, etc. While I am askin, does anyone have a good system of taking them apart to access...
  10. Darius

    Axle bearings

    I have read some negative posts about "Green" bearings so I ask.... What do you all think is the best bearing for an 8 3/4 axle?
  11. Darius

    8 3/4 gears

    Anyone know where I can get a 2:76 set of gears for an 83/4 rear with a 489 case? I swapped a 5.7 with the auto transmission and all the computers from an 07 Charger into my 70 GTX. My goal is to get it as close to stock as I can and once it is running I will mess with it. The gear in the 07...
  12. Darius

    68-70 hood hinge retrofit

    Has anyone found/used something different than the factory hinge? I am wondering if there is something out there more like modern hydraulic cylinder type hinge/support available?
  13. Darius

    Power window conversion-parts source

    I want to install power windows in my 70 GTX. I see where XV Motorsports has a nice looking kit but they want almost $1000 for it. What has anyone else done /where else might I look for this equipment??
  14. Darius

    Vintage air Question

    I plan on a Vintage Air system in my 70 GTX project. This is NOT a "factory original like" type of retoration so "convinience" type mods are the order of the day. My question is, has anyone installed a Vintage Air system in a B Body like this and if so how was the fresh air vent handled? I was...