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  1. tallhair

    Plumbing the garage with Rapidair

    Thanks for the feedback Devon
  2. tallhair

    Plumbing the garage with Rapidair

    Read through the thread where you were deliberating on what to use for the lines, and now this one. 2 years later any updates or additional thoughts. Also did you add a radiator or anything to deal with water? Great info, and now I need to find your garage build and go get caught up there.
  3. tallhair

    I made a welding cart

    Way to go !
  4. tallhair

    Brake bleeding gizmo

    Well I didn’t think you would but was trying to think of what would cause resistance. :thumbsup:
  5. tallhair

    Brake bleeding gizmo

    You didn’t accidentally have the master cylinder lid clamped down did you?
  6. tallhair

    Brake bleeding gizmo

    Must not have been holding your mouth the right way.
  7. tallhair

    Brake bleeding gizmo

    Let us know i how it goes, actually would be a great YouTube vid. Nothing out there as you probably figured out lol.
  8. tallhair

    Brake bleeding gizmo

    LoL, Wanker haha Are you going to try this process on your Motor Mar?
  9. tallhair

    Don't buy that cheap Chicom lift

    My memory was the hard tops were heavier than coupes.
  10. tallhair

    And so it begins..... my new garage

    I loved reading through this garage build thread Devon. One question I may have missed the answer to. Why are there so few windows?
  11. tallhair

    Check out this transmission jack I just bought

    OK I see know ... the "skylight" I was thinking I saw is your garage door in the up position. Great looking truck btw
  12. tallhair

    Check out this transmission jack I just bought

    The charger looks great man. What's going on with the roof do you have skylights? Great idea for the light if so
  13. tallhair

    New "garage" in the works

    Looks fantastic Richard
  14. tallhair

    New "garage" in the works

    take a picture of it :)
  15. tallhair

    I can lift the blower off by MYself now!!

    Very cool Hemi-Itis congrats on the new toy - - - Updated - - - I have a steep driveway too and have though about that
  16. tallhair

    Dangerous Crap Tools

    I'm glad the car you YOU weren't hurt Hawk Thanks for sharing
  17. tallhair

    Opinions about working surface on workbench

    You guys should post up pics of the stuff you are talking about ... I'll post mine soon Nothing special but I think it's cool and it was reused out of my brothers garage .. I wish it were longer, deeper, taller. It has a steel top all the holes were to attach an old style grinder This is...
  18. tallhair

    My new shop.

    That is an amazing shop Dave! Happy for you brother
  19. tallhair

    Hunter on car tire spin balancer model 107A

    have you googled the make and model number and "operators manual"? I was able to find a manual for a 1961 McCulloch chainsaw after some googling