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  1. Darius

    These women/Teachers should be Heralded/Lauded as community heroes in my opinion...

    How many of you would have turned that pussy down at 16 years old were you one of her “ victims”??????
  2. Darius

    How much sound deadening

    It is as hard as a rock, harder than undercoating or any kind of peel and stick product. Make sure you tape any bolts or threaded openings before you spray it!
  3. Darius

    B Body stiffening

    I will say this about Mecum if anyone is wondering. They are a WELL oiled machine. A rep was assigned to my account and sent me checklists of things to do. It was updated as I went along. I had Mecum transport the car to Vegas and that was awesome too. A car hauler like NASCAR haulers showed up...
  4. Darius

    B Body stiffening

    My mistake was not having a reserve, although I don't think a reserve would have got a much higher bid, maybe a few grand. It takes someone with a slightly different view of these cars. As I was approaching the block,( they let me drive it across) several people just opened the passenger door...
  5. Darius

    2005 Jeep Liberty 3.7. Won’t restart hot

    Tell me about it, I changed one for him in the freaking desert with almost no tools other than what some old drunk offered up in his 60 year collection of junk stuff.
  6. Darius

    30yrs ago, when I was studly!

    Enjoy Florida Dennis. I , like Bill, have spent MANY hours in the "tube 'O pain". My desire to board an airplane is just about ZERTO, particularly these days. That "shine" of travel was tarnished with 9/11. I used to walk in any major airports IN THE WORLD with a .38 or 9mm under my arm with no...
  7. Darius

    Not looking good at the local Pep Boys Store

    Been a month or so since I was there but the woman there told me they were bought by another company, cannot remember who though.
  8. Darius

    Staying logged in...

    That worked, delete bookmark , log back in and select keep me logged in, reestablish bookmark.
  9. Darius

    Staying logged in...

    Why is it that since the issues last week with the server upgrade, or whatever those issues were, that even though I check the stay logged in box it will NOT keep me logged in ? Never was a problem before in many many years
  10. Darius

    B Body stiffening

    Well, 8 months on any web site I could find to advertise on ( except the thieves at ebay or dicks on craigslist)and only ONE serious inquiry, a dude from Germany who absolutely wanted it but would never get it past German import issues, I have consigned it to Mecum in Las Vegas. 9 October lot #...
  11. Darius

    Getting High

    That chick has some BALLS!!!!!
  12. Darius

    HAN Reno

    Kind of like a few years back with the smoke. Glad I stayed in Sacramento where it is relatively clear....very slight haze and no odor this morning.
  13. Darius

    Mopar Dealer Service Department - Am I Correct To Be Pissed Off???

    At least they even communicate with you! My wife had some issue with loss of power on her 2019 Jeep Cherokee.She just happened to be right at the freeway exit for one of the local stealers. This was a Saturday so she fills out the "early b bird" envelope and leaves the car and key there. DAYS...
  14. Darius

    How's your view ?

    This was fun
  15. Darius

    How do I eradicate a nest of yellow jackets, safely.....

    I unloaded an ENTIRE can of wasp spray on a nest the size of a soccer ball and it did NOT even phase them!!! I found 5 or6 dead ones on the ground and that was all. Flame thrower is next I guess, just got to figure a fire suppression system out first.
  16. Darius

    SRT8 Roadrunner conversion, NOT a body over!!

    Right there with you Dave. I am in the same position as you regarding my car, retirement, money,...life in general. It changes. Most times, one is better off going with it rather than try to hang on to what has passed.
  17. Darius

    Is this a good deal for a swap?

    I have a 5.7 AND the Nag1 . It sounds great, particularly when I close the cutouts!!!! The performance is trouble free. My only reservation about your "deal" is how many miles there are on that engine. What even got me to start thinking about such a swap...way back in '07....was that I was...
  18. Darius


    The global warming crowd will be out shouting any minute now.
  19. Darius

    I don't want to go to work tomorrow.

    I am on my way home from swimming with Dolphins and I don't HAVE to go not work EVER AGAIN! https://galleries.page.link/9GGFK
  20. Darius

    B Bodies and Road Courses - My Super Bee Setup

    Most fun I ever had driving my GTX was on the road course at Willow Springs during Spring Fling. Keep tweaking it Brother, you will like the adjustable shocks.