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Some of my past and present Mopars

When you can't decide on one Mopar, you get more...

About this Mopar:

Got my '68 300 when I was 13 a '70 Runner at 14, a '69 Runner at 15 etc, etc.

Had a '66 Hemi Belvedere II in the late 80's and sold it when I gave up trying to find a block... 5 years later they started reproducing them.

Worked in a body shop for 16 years and build my own projects. I have been slowed considerably with vertebrae, nerve and finance damage, but I won't stop until I'm on the other side of the grass.



Nice herd and did the top come off the RamCharger? Great pic of it. My buddy is making an RV out of a 54 streamline bus.
Nice herd and did the top come off the RamCharger? Great pic of it. My buddy is making an RV out of a 54 streamline bus.
Starting in '81 the tops were no longer removable. Added a couple pictures. Note the buckled fender and missing moulding on the close Ramcharger picture... The far picture has a 12-15' cedar tree on top of the river bank. A couple of highschool kids said I was higher than that tree when I ramped that bank. It was sky, sky, sky, trees, bean stubble, bean stubble, wham. It has 35s and a 6" lift and the landing folded the bottom edge of the license plate. Had it aligned and it was good on alignment, but broke a stud that holds the spring to the axle on the right side, along with damage to both fenders where the tires hit them. Tough damn truck. As for my driving; it's better to be lucky than smart... : )

The bus/coach is my only GM... A GM 4106, the 50th one made. They ran from '61-'66. Has an 8-71 Detroit.

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