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1967 Hemi GTX restoration

Some more parts on the engine
Having a bit of an issue trying to figure out how to remove the old lens from the cluster as I want to reuse it in the new guage cluster I bought. Seems there is melted tabs in my way !
Great build on an awesome car. My buddy has a 67 4 speed GTX, blue with a white interior, but it is a 440 car.

Looking forward to seeing further updates as you move along!
A retired guy in my town does all my stuff

he charged me $50 to do these
Stay on his good side. Some here are asking 15.00/ft plus extra for dents. We loved Moncton, wife’s Uncle was chief of police in Dieppe somewhere in 70s-80s. They had an acreage East of the City. I repaired his Massey Ferguson bailer. Also learned how to find out who was selling homemade beverages, by what they had for sale on their roadside signs. That was 1981. We were on the last passenger train from Montreal, through Bangor Maine to Moncton.
We still have our 1967 MM1 Charger, white interior. It came with white visors.
So all in all that look's to be a pretty solid body. Some rust here and their but fixable. You have a good platform to work with for sure. Hey keep up the work bud and it won't be long you will be back on the road. :thumbsup:
Looks like I am going to stick with the original trunk lid, hood and doors.
For the restoration the car will use a rust free set of fenders

repo metal : passenger side floor pan, driver side rear footwell, trunk pan (some bubbles coming up under one frame rail so might as well put a new pan instead of cutting and welding) and new shock towers (only one has a rust spot but will change both) . Also needs a hole patched on one rear frame rail under the gas filler neck and a spot in the front inner side that needs fixing, also changing the torsion bar cross member (since it has a small soft spot on top where the floor pan was bad right over it )

also scraped some of the sound deadener off the car. You can see the dip colour and nice rear frame rails

0BFB8163-0C50-4CA1-AEC9-559CFAA5BA4B.jpeg 5775B6C3-325E-4FF3-8807-D0918CB00308.jpeg 7C024762-B925-44DC-9660-D91C042AFB5C.jpeg