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2023 13th Annual FABO/FBBO NHRA "Pick 'Em" Game - It's NITRO Burnin' Time!!!

I hated running there, but still did
mainly "disliked" because of the RAD conditions/altitude or parts damage
but it was a great facility, great family ran it
truly another ICONIC track bites the dust

A real love-hate relationship for me, loved the people & facility
I loved how they always treated me great, so did the surrounding communities
if they knew you were a traveling drag racer, always special discounts & deals...

I really hated the track conditions/weather-related
or RAD/elevation changes/huge swings in elevation &
surface temps of 140+* track, until they finally put the cooling system
under to 1st 330ft (?)
or the new concrete surface to 1/2 track,
still, was/is a real horsepower killing altitudes...

We had to suck up our/your ego & pride, run a bit more timing
& compression or gears, sometimes even camshaft changes,
just 1 expensive & specific combo, just for Bandimere
sort of humiliation at times, you work so hard to run as fast as you can
then go to Bandimere...
Still went to attend anyway... :BangHead:
Many didn't cope with it well, some thrived in it too, only race they'd do well at
but many longtime dedicated racers didn't even travel/go there...
Skipped it all together...
Bot, a lot of locals raced there too...
Something different...

Hopefully the Bandimere Family
does get another place. a lil' lower in elevation than Morrison Co.

My condolences to the family, the people & employees all affected
by the closing of Mile-High Bandimere Speedway
Great MoPar/Dierct Connection venues too stuff usually held down
in Golden Co.
by MoPar/Chrysler corp. in the old days...
I will remember the time well...

sucks truly
I've been wanting to attend a race there. Not sure if that can happen this year.
I been there several times, probably heading there this year if plans work out right. Not my favorite track but I love the Mopar Nationals event.
Is there an event this weekend?
Yes, Charlotte/Concord NC, zMAX 4 wide
I'm sticking with my locked-in picks "still"

I hope they race & qualify better

I'm going on the theory
that even a blind squirrel can even find a nut, sometimes :poke:

Good luck everyone
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zmax 4 pics...

TF=Brittany Force
FC=Matt Hagan
PS=Erica Enders----I'm a slow learner, giving up on her soon...maybe
PSM=Matt Smith
lets get these 4 wides done and move on....
Good luck everybody
Ill go with
TF Steve Torrence
FC matt hagan
PS erica enders
psm matt smith
TF Justin Ashley
FC Robert Hight
PS Camrie Caruso
PSM Steve Johnson

oc - lock them in, please, in case I don't get pics in in time again - thanks.

Good luck guys!
So sorry all, I really messed up and totally forgot to post my usual "Tuesday before the event" reminder about the Circle K NHRA Four-Wide Nationals starting TODAY at zMAX Dragway in Concord, NC.
nhra.com shows the following professional class entries:
18 Top Fuel
16 Funny Car
23 Pro Stock
17 Pro Stock Motorcycle

Pro class qualifying is scheduled to start at 4:00pm EDT (1:00pm PDT) so post your picks if you haven't already done so.
Circle K (Concord, NC) Four-Wide qualifying leaders:

Weather: n/a

No results shown on nhra.com

Weather: 73F, 57% relative humidity, barometer 29.77, adjusted altitude 2,354', track temp n/a
TF: Josh Hart, 3.689; Steve Torrence @ 332.92
FC: Alexis DeJoria, 3.876 @ 333.08
PS: Cristian Cuadra, 6.558; Camrie Caruso @ 209.79

PSM: Gaige Herrera, 6.758 @201.10


Weather: 68F, 78% relative humidity, barometer 29.83, adjusted altitude 2,031', track temp 96F
TF: Brittany Force, 3.651 @ 336.32
FC: Bob Tasca III, 3.852; Alexis DeJoria @ 334.65
PS: Matt Hartford, 6.538; Camrie Caruso @ 209.79
PSM: Gaige Herrera, 6.735 @201.52

Weather: 70F, 73% relative humidity, barometer 29.83, adjusted altitude 2,143', track temp 98F
TF: Brittany Force, 3.651 @ 336.32
FC: Bob Tasca III, 3.852; Alexis DeJoria @ 334.65
PS: Matt Hartford, 6.538; Deric Kramer @ 209.95
PSM: Gaige Herrera, 6.735 @201.52
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Congratulations to 'TT5.9mag' (FABO) for winning the 4th event of the 2023 Circle K NHRA Four-Wide Nationals Top Qualifier title with a very nice total of 29.0 bonus points. He picked the #1 qualifier in both Top Fuel and Pro Stock Motorcycle, the #3 qualifier in Funny Car and the #5 qualifier in Pro Stock. Way to go!
'ocdart' (FBBO) was right behind with 27.0 bonus points.
'64BEL' and 'outlawd' were the highest FBBO qualifiers with 26.5 bonus points each.

More great picks!

We have 15 players again this week and 14 different driver combos made up of:
* 4 different Top Fuel drivers with one Round 1 'quad' with two picked drivers involved, #1 qualifier Brittany Force (7 picks) and #9 qualifier Clay Millican (1 pick)
* 4 different Funny Car drivers. Each of the Round 1 'quads' has one picked driver involved

* 5 different Pro Stock drivers with one Round 1 'quads' with multiple picked drivers involved, #2 qualifier Dallas Glenn (1 pick) and #7 qualifier Camrie Caruso (2 picks)
* 4 differnet Pro Stock Motorcycle drivers. Each of the Round 1 'quads' has one picked driver involved

Good luck all!
Congratulations to 'TT5.9mag' (FABO) for winning the "Top Picker Eliminator" title for the 5th event of the 2023 season, the 13th annual Circle K NHRA 4-Wide Nationals, with a very nice total of 129.0 points.
Both of his Funny Car and Pro Stock Motorcycle picks won their respective classes, and both his Top Fuel and Pro Stock picks didn't advance past the 2nd Quad. He was also helped with both ET and Speed bonus points in both Top Fuel and Pro Stock Motorcycle.
'ocdart' (FABO) got the runner-up spot with 120.0 points.
'Budnicks' was the highest-scoring FBBO player with 91.0 points

Here's where the ET and Speed bonus points were earned if you picked the right drivers:

Top Fuel
E.T. - Brittany Force, 3.651 during qualifying
Speed - Brittany Force, 336.32 during qualifying

Funny Car
E.T. - Bob Tasca III, 3.852 during qualifying
Speed - Ron Capps, 335.57 during Quad 1

Pro Stock
E.T. - Matt Hartford, 6.538 during qualifying
Speed - Deric Kramer, 209.95 during qualifying

Pro Stock Motorcycle
E.T. - Gaige Herrera, 6.710 during the final Quad
Speed - Gaige Herrera, 202.00 during the final Quad

Here are the game point standings after the 5th event of the 2023 season:

404.0 - Back in Time (FABO) +2 change in standings
387.0 - Duster79 (FABO) -1
381.0 - TT5.9mag (FABO) +5
366.5 - Nick2317 (FBBO) -2
353.0 - cuda20 (FABO) no change
352.5 - Outlawd (FBBO) -2
349.5 - Yunick13 (FABO) -1
341.0 - ocdart (FABO) +3
337.5 - Budnicks (FBBO) no change
321.0 - memike (FABO) -3
318.5 - johnnycuda (FABO) -1
271.5 - alsant (FBBO) no change
256.5 - MomsDuster (FABO) no change
251.0 - stroked340 (FABO) no change
244.5 - 64BEL (FBBO) no change

The 6th race of the 2023 season, the Gerber Collision and Glass Route 66 NHRA Nationals, is scheduled for May 19-21, at Route 66 Raceway in Elwood, IL.
As always, your picks need to be posted before Pro Qualifying starts at 7:00pm EDT (4:00pm PDT) on Friday, May 19.
nhra.com currently shows the following entry counts:
19 Top Fuel
18 Funny Car
19 Pro Stock
15 Pro Stock Motorcycle
Those counts can always change so please keep checking to make sure your driver selections are competing in this event.

Get your picks posted and GOOD LUCK!

Isn't there a race this weekend...Route 66 nats at Chi-town

TF=Brittany Force
FC=Matt Hagan
PS=Erica Enders
PSM=Gaige Herrera

Good luck everybody
Chicago Ill go with
TF Force
FC Hagan
PS Enders
PSM Matt Smith
I'm freaken' stubborn, "like a mule", what else can I say ?
sticking with my "locked in" picks

Good luck everyone