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2024 14th Annual FABO NHRA "Pick 'Em" Game - It's NITRO Burnin' Time Again!!!

most mine except P/SM Gaige Herrara Suzuki 'won'
everyone else were out by the semi's or 2nd rd

a lot of underdogs winners
1 lane racetrack it seemed nobody until late in rds got down the left lane
al the winners were mostly in the right lane
they were saying it was a greasy track, 130*

I was routing for F/C John Force to win another
(after my guy Prock got knocked out, by him/his team owner)
then Hagan beat him/John in the finals

I loved seeing P/S Erica Enders-Stephens #1 qualifier
get beat 1st rd, she lost on a holeshot too :carrot:, 0.012 to a 0.064
by a part-timer former P/S driver/test driver
(for Dallas Glen ?) John DeFlorian Jr. former P/S driver from the early 90s
for Titan-Black team, now longtime chassis welder/builder for Jerry Hass
he was shaking down the car for them, went a couple rds

my Pro-stock picks haven't done well since I changed

T/F S. Torrence went out early
F/C A. Prock went out early
P/S Jeggy went out very early
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@ocdart please change my locked in pick
in Pro-Stock cars to Greg Anderson please...
for the foreseeable future (maybe short lived too)
Thanks in advance...
Nice to see TJ Zizzo take top qualifier. Too bad he didn't win it all. He's a nice guy to talk to at the track.
Nice qualifying Dan!
I didn't do much after qualifying though. Thought maybe there was going to be a new winner in PSM as Van Sant had his tuned up pretty good, but Herrara as usual was unbeatable.
Got to feel for Del Worsham as that car is bad fast but she, Alexis, can't get off the line. Only way she is still driving that car is because she is half owner of BANDERO tequila. A different driver in that car and it would be winning a lot.
Congratulations to 'stroked340' (FABO) for winning the "Top Picker Eliminator" title for the 2024 Gerber Glass and Collision NHRA Route 66 Nationals in Elwood, IL, with an outstnding total of 152.5 points. Both of his Funny Car and Pro Stock Motorcycle picks raced won their respective classes, and both of his Top Fuel and Pro Stock picks fell in the semi-final round of eliminations. He was also helped with ET bonus points in Pro Stock Motorcycle and Speed bonus points in Top Fuel.
'Alsant' (FBBO) took the runner-up spot with 152.0 points.
Here's where the bonus points were earned if you picked the right drivers:

Top Fuel
E.T. - T.J. Zizzo, 3.735 during qualifying
Speed - Steve Torrence, 336.65 during qualifying

Funny Car
E.T. - Austin Prock, 3.907 during qualifying
Speed - Austin Prock, 332.43 during qualifying

Pro Stock
E.T. - Erica Enders, 6.548 during qualifying
Speed - Troy Coughlin Jr., 210.01 during qualifying

Pro Stock Motorcycle
E.T. - Gaige Herrera, 6.694 during Round 1 of eliminations
Speed - Matt Smith, 201.40 during qualifying

Here are the game point standings after the 6th event of the 2024 season:

659.0 - Alsant (FBBO) +3 change in the point standings
622.0 - memike (FABO) no change
620.5 - stroked340 (FABO) +6
618.5 - Duster79 (FABO) -3
611.0 - TT5.9mag (FABO) -2
601.5 - cuda20 (FABO) -1
596.0 - Budnicks (FBBO) +1
577.5 - Yunick13 (FABO) -2
574.5 - ocdart (FABO) -2
566.5 - 64BEL (FBBO) no change
542.0 - Back in Time (FABO) no change
538.5 - GTXDAN (FBBO) +1
533.5 - johnnycuda (FABO) -1
521.5 - Outlawd (FBBO) no change
507.0 - Nick2317 (FBBO) no change
392.5 - SSG_Karg (FABO) no change

We get a week off to either relish our gains or lick our wounds before heading to the Northeast corner of the country.
The next race event on the 2024 season will be the NHRA New England Nationals at New England Dragway in Epping, NH, scheduled for May 31-June 2. nhra.com currently shows the following entries but these counts may change:

* 16 Top Fuel
* 15 Funny Car
* 15 Pro Stock

Pro Stock Motorcycle will not compete at this event but will return at the Thunder Valley Nationals.

Please check to verify your picks are participating before posting your picks.

Way to go alsant!! #1!!!:lowdown:

Here's your NHRA New England Nationals "Tuesday Before the Event" reminder.

Please post your picks before qualifying starts so you will be eligible for all event bonus points.

The first of the scheduled four rounds of qualifying is scheduled to start at 5:00pm EDT (2:00pm PDT) on Friday, May 31.

nhra.com currently shows the following number of entries:
* 16 Top Fuel
* 16 Funny Car
* 21 Pro Stock

Those counts are always subject to change so make sure to check to make sure your driver picks are entered.

Please check nhra.com to make sure your picks are competing in this event.
There are also some new names competing for the first time in 2024.

Pro Stock Motorcycle will not compete at this event. The class will return at the Super Grip NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals the following weekend.

The (updated 05/29/24) weather forecast for Epping, NH, and the New England Nationals calls for
* Friday - mostly sunny with a high of 74F; 66F at the 8:00pm scheduled start of Q2
* Saturday - sunny with a high of 77F
* Sunday - partly sunny with a high of 74F

Television schedule for the New England Nationals...
* Qualifying show 1: 7:30-9:00pm EDT (4:30-6:00pm PDT), Friday, May 31, on FS1
* Qualifying show 2: 7:00-8:00pm EDT (4:00-5:00pm PDT), Sunday, June 1, on FS1
* Mission Too Fast Too Tasty Challenge: 8:00-9:00pm EDT (5:00-6:00pm PDT), Saturday, June 1, on FS1
* Finals (Round 1): 1:00-2:00pm EDT (10:00-11:00pm PDT), Sunday, June 2 on FS1
* Finals: 7:00-9:00pm EDT (4:00-7:00pm PDT, Sunday, June 2 on FS1

All television coverage will also re-air at later times. Check www.nhra.com.
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Sticking with my "locked in picks"

good luck everyone
Same here - let 'em ride!

Good luck guys! alsant - hang on to that top spot!
Possible record setting qualifying runs expected during New England Nationals Friday Q2 session according to Brian Lohnes podcast discussions with both Dickie Venables and Tony Pedregon.
Check out the updated weather forecast in Post #152.
J Ashley
A Prock
G Anderson
Good luck everybody!!!
@Nick2317 , the first of four rounds of qualifying for the NHRA New England Nationals is scheduled for 5:00PM EDT (2:00PDT) on Friday, May 31.
Please post your professional class picks before the start of qualifying so you will be eligible for all event bonus points.
@Nick2317 , the first of four rounds of qualifying for the NHRA New England Nationals is scheduled for 5:00PM EDT (2:00PDT) on Friday, May 31.
Please post your professional class picks before the start of qualifying so you will be eligible for all event bonus points.

Update: Pro qualifying has begun. I will carry over your picks from the previous race but you are now only eligible for round win points. You can still post updated picks for round win points up until the beginning of eliminations on Sunday.
May I suggest you 'lock' your picks so you will be eligible for all future event bonus points? Of course, you can always 'unlock' your picks for individual race events and post specific picks for that race only should you choose to do so.
Please let me know.
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