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63 Plymouth Electrical Issue


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FBBO Gold Member
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9:02 AM
Jun 23, 2014
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Biloxi, MS
Hey guys,

New issue this weekend that has me baffled at the moment. Just starting the diagnosis so more to follow.

Cold weather caused me to run over add some antifreeze to the mix and start the cars. Forgot to remove the battery tender on one and created a mess somehow cooking the starter relay.

Replaced relay and reattached all wires and now no power entire car and even from the battery to the starter cables.
Removed all wires from relay and now have power back to the cables on the starter.

Looks like maybe something is causing a ground fault beyond the relay?

Here is my plan of attack next weekend.

Check all fuses.

Hook up only the one (small) red wire from the starter to relay and check for power.

If we have power, hook up neutral safety switch and check for power.

If we have power, hook up black solenoid wire and check for power.

If we have power, hook up black solenoid wire and check for power.

Hook up violet and red wire to relay and power disappears problem is beyond relay?

Thoughts and suggestions?

Thank you,

You have another post going with the same issue.
You have another post going with the same issue.
I do sometimes the electrical guys aren't into the 62-65 Forum and other times vice versa. Desperate times call for desperate measures! LOL. Trying to get as much exposure as possible. And heaven forbid i get it solved I want to share with as many people as possible as well.


Success! Always last place you look! LOL. It was the alternator. After studying the schematic for the 100th time the Ammeter gets power from the starter relay then goes to the fuse block and also back to the Alternator. Pulled the Black wire off the alternator no more short and restored all the power and cranked it over. Have to replace the alternator now (pulling and installing the max wedge pulley again) wire it in and maybe the voltage regulator if it ate that too.

B body guys please beware the Battery Tenders when starting. It is not supposed to do anything but it sure as heck does, trust me. Several years ago (before early onset) I remembered burning up a fuseable link by not removing the battery tender. I now have hang tags on every vehicle ignition switch "Check Battery Tender"!

Hope this helps somebody in the future. If you ever lose power or voltage drops to zero when any switch is activated (Dome light, door switch, etc.) check the alternator first.
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