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700hp street friendly Hemi possible?

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Jul 17, 2021
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Hi guys!
i have a gen 2 hemi that i would like to get up to 700 street friendly hp if possible.
Spec on the engine now

Mp megablock 4.31" bore
Mp cast iron heads unported 2780559-M stage v rockers
very mild bullet hydralic flat tappet cam, dont have the specs.
diamond pistons
440 source 4.25 stroke crankshaft
440 source premium H-beam rods with arp 2000 bolts.
10.5 compression
Mp dual plane intake manifold
melling Hv oil pump
Moroso deep pan
msd ignition
Hedman headers

I will also convert to efi as I will drive an 8hp transmission.

Do you think it's possible to reach 700 street-friendly hp with only changing the camshaft and intake? or will the heads need to be ported or replaced?
the engine will run on e85 if its needed.

grateful for answers

Should be close but, may require more cam and possibly better port flow to get the RPM up higher.
Mine is at 642 hydraulic flat tappet and single carb. I thing with EFI dual throttle bodies it can make 700. I would call Rich Nedbal and see what he can suggest.
Yes, 700 can be done very easily with a Hemi and safely since you already have a Mega Block. My other HEMI was just over 700 h.p. with a mild-mid .650ish camshaft. My latest HEMI is way north of that now and still street driven.
Better cam and intake, porting the heads would be a good idea or just sell the heads and buy some Edelbrocks.
Yes, 700 hp needs flow. Edelbrocks, a Ray Barton single 4 intake and more cam.
Im sure it can.

But why, with that kind of CI, Its already going to have a boatload of torque for a street car
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