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71 Charger SE build

Added some floor mats and rear tie down brackets for the trip to Carlisle.

What is your plan for front tie-down brackets?
On the front I will use tire straps like the U-Haul trailers have, this way it will ride on its suspension on all 4 corners.
Throw out bearing started growling after about 300 miles. Great. Pulled the trans and checked bell housing run-out and squareness. .032 total run-out so adjustment dowels are ordered. I should have checked this before... I know lol. Squareness was only .006 which is the max so I will shim it a bit to get it dead on.

No matter how careful a person is it seems like there is always an issue or two.
I was able to get the bell within .007 whis is within the limits based on the shop manual so I got it all reassembled last weekend and driving again. The clutch actually feels better now.
Raining today so its pin stripe day. I used a 1/4" stencil kit from Xcaliber and One Shot sign painters paint. Tried to reproduce the original. Its a little wider but I am happy with it.

These are 72 pinstripes I collected off the internet. My car was originally like this although a 71. Just thought you would be interested in seeing. Your car is coming along great.

Gold 72 Charger Pinstripe 1.JPG

Gold 72 Charger Pinstripe 2.JPG

Gold 72 Charger Pinstripe 3.JPG
The early 71 stripe is a single one like mine. At some point they changed to the side stripe like yours.
I did not know that. I had seen both versions but did know have an explanation. I'm glad you told me.
Got the trunk finished up and going to it's first show tomorrow.

Scorecard from my first show. They did trophies for the top 10 cars, so my first one. Guess they were hoping for hubcaps! It really brought a lot of positive comments.

3 for workmanship???? DIRTY BAST@$-$$@&,),DS!!! How many of judges did THEIR own work on their cars?? IT'S A BEAUTY JEFF!!! JOB WELL DONE WITH YOUR OWN HANDS (yes we have limits on talent, like body & paint so that is a given).
The Legendary rear upper panels I ordered at Carlisle last year showed up today. Very nice. Now I have some work to do while the car is at the shop getting fixed. For anyone that missed my post last Saturday I got whacked in the right rear going into a show. The shop that will do the work has me down for a June 5th drop off. Fingers crossed it's fixed in time to bring it to Carlisle.

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