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Allow me to introduce myself...


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Feb 21, 2024
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North Central Washington
Good evening! I just got on here and wanted to introduce myself, and I'll do that by Mopars I've owned. My first car, that I bought when I was a junior in high school was a 68 Charger. That took my money so I had to wait to get a 340 intake, a Holley 4-barrel, and the square bore to spread bore adapter and dual it out. Years later I bought a 68 Fury III. A bit of a beater, but the smoothest riding car I've ever had. My last Mopar was a 70 Challenger RT w/383 magnum. I upgraded it to a Weiand dual-plan high rise and again, a Holley. I'm currently looking for a B body with 4-doors (grandkids), but what I've seen is in horrible condition and priced exorbitantly.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it,

Are you a man of wealth as taste???

Well if you buy a Mopar you'll be broke like the rest of us..

Charger= wealth, Challenger = wealth... 68 Fury? Good Taste..
Welcome from two states south of you on the central coast.

4-doors with grand kids... find a 66-67 new yorker.. they are still fairly inexpensive, ride like a cloud and are just great cars with tons of space :)
Welcome from PA. Good luck with your search. I remember when your area had an abundance of nice rust free cars (compared to the rust belt where I lived,) but that was four decades ago.
Welcome to FBBO from Georgia.
Any pics you can share of those Mopars you used to own?
Post 'em if you got 'em :D
And greetings, welcome from NY and good luck on your quest for your next Mopar:thumbsup:
Just remember if you find something and are doing the math in your head to fix it up.. double the amount..
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