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Auggie needs life sustaining surgery


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Nov 14, 2011
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NW Ohio
However, two hospitals have refused to give it to me. I'm down at this point but not out. The explication is political from what I have heard from a couple of these talk broadcasts, I'll see if I can find and post the official story and post it there.

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Sincerely hopeful that your situation works out for you, there should be no reason whatsoever by anyone in the medical profession to deprive you of the care you need.
Jeez, Augie, I hope you find the care you need, and you are around with us for a long while, yet.
You live fairly close to the renowned Cleveland Clinic - They can’t help you?! God be with you and may his intervention fulfill your needs. There’s no reason for you to be denied care that could save your life or not without it.
I agree with @GetX'd
If the two hospitals are not doing what you need, seek out another doctor, hospital, whatever. Unfortunately, these days you need to drive your own health care, and the squeaky wheel gets the grease...

Get better! :thumbsup:
^^^^ This is right ^^^^

You need someone to advocate for you. Hope you get the treatment you deserve.
Not sure on your situation.
If it is a desperation type moment(I hope not) look into what you can do in Europe. I work with a guy that has lived in the USA since he was 19 and has maintained his citizenship in Belgium for decades, where he can go to have healthcare that costs him very little and isn't tied up in red tape and profit margins.

In the USA, the only experience I have is as above, you need to find not just the hospitol but the "company" of healthcare that has it's priorities right. In WI, Thedacare is a pill pushing never see an actual qualified doctor insurance sucking chain of buildings with near a monopoly. So I never go there, I seek out one of the 3 alternatives despite it being a drive sometimes. Not sure how far you have looked, but check to see if the deniers are under the same umbrella corp.
I can say, my father received extremely passive care and could have lived at least a couple years longer if we had gone down to Saint Lukes in Millwaukee sooner. By the time local place sent him there it was too late and he never left, which actually pissed off the surgeons down there as they asked about his history. Funny, the actual doctors were angry the ones up here didn't do better. It takes real doctors to care.

Healthcare is a manufactured issue in the USA, built from the ground up now to pass money around at our expense, in more ways then one. You have to fight for your life nowdays, and that is no exageration.
I hope all goes well for you sir! Thoughts and prayers to you and your family!
I'll be the first to admit about confusion over the "political" aspect of whatever is happening, sir -
but regardless, prayers from this ridge for you! :praying:
(These other fellas are right, by the way - if not for me getting downright ornery, more than once,
with various insurance/medical people, I'd already be gone myself - so give 'em hell! :thumbsup:)
Finally got to see a doctor. I have been dealing with an infection, if not treated it could get worse. So far no improvement in what the doctor has me doing.
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