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Carpools to School Anyone?


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Nov 29, 2014
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La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico
When I was a kid (1960's) we either rode our bike to (Parochial) school (1 1/2 miles one-way) or our parents did it collectively in a station wagon with other parents. And this was with gasoline at maybe 25 cents a gallon. But it was the convenience of only having your turn to drive once a week that made it popular. Currently across the street here is a private school where I witness a traffic jam every afternoon with parents picking kids up after classes. Does anyone, anywhere even carpool to grade school anymore? Photo is a '62 Chrysler wagon that looks just like my parents vehicle at the time.

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We did when I was a kid, too. (Also, Christian private school). Sure don't see any of that anymore. A friend lives near a street with several (wanna say six?) schools on it . It is impossible to use at school opening or closing times, cause its impassable because of parents dropping off or picking up kids.
My Mom & her many wagons were taxi service for our area
Cobblestone Ct. in Concord

a 57 Savoy 2 dr Wagon six w/3 on the tree
(Shell co. car, sold to my granddad)
I came home from the hospital in after I was born

a 57 Ranch Wagon DelRay 2 dr 352 T10 transplant
I liked that wagon, car/wagon stepdad built for her

or her driving the 64 GTO after my stepdad Bob retired it from racing

or when she got her 1st ever new car, ordered new in Nov. 1967,
we drove across the bay to SF Chrysler Plymouth
pick out/special order a 1968 Plymouth Sport Satellite GG1 dark green
w/383 4bbl 4 speed white bucket seat interior & roof
(I ended up with that car in 1979, I had it for another 10 years
I traded my dad for it, a /6 225 3 on the tree 71 Demon I had & $300

all of them were manual trans cars

She had a Vista Cruiser later, like 75 (?),
my stepdad got in trade for work, she still drove the Sport Satellite usually

my mom took all the neighborhood kids everywhere, we went
everyone hung out at our house too (we had a pool), she'd shuttle them/us all
to school, sports, to the swimming park, up to Mt Diablo to have fun/climb/hike
:blah: it was just sort of normal daily deal,
or we just rode our bikes
if it was close enough for her to allow us to...
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