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SOLD Coates 40-40A tire changing machine FREE (Sort of)

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Apr 13, 2012
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I have a used Coats tire changing machine model 40-40A.
It is weathered and worn looking but does work. It only needs an air supply to function.
This will need to be picked up at my house. I will NOT ship, I will not deliver. It takes a forklift or engine hoist to load. I have an engine hoist here to help you load it up
Well.....I got it for $50 from a friend but am willing to give it away FREE.
If you're the type that feels obliged to give something, I'd gladly take 6 Jimboy's tacos in trade.
This machine is at my home in Granite Bay, CA.


FIRST to commit to this gets it!
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I think I'm interested... Give me till tomorrow so I can confirm a place to keep it....

Or on second thought... When do you want those Tacos?
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YOU are exempt from any taco obligation....FEW guys are as helpful as you have been.
Alright all this taco talk is making me hungry and I love tacos! How much to ship tacos from your taco joint!
Will you accept bearded clam from east coast for payment?:drinks:
i had 2 of these,i just sold the twin to that 1 for 250 bucks.
they were great for being able to leave them out in the weather/outside use.
they work great and ive been able to mount/dismount all the way up to 17-s.
just some thoughts in case someones wondering about reliability.
I bet I'm not the only one who learned how to change tires on that exact model, many
moons ago eh?
Tell ya what, I'll reimburse your $50 if you offer free shipping! :)
So for literally decades I wanted my own tire machine. Then about 20 years ago I went to an auction and bought a 1010 for $200. Then 6 months later I went to another auction and bought 2 4040s for about $150! So now I dismount and mount my own tires and I only need to get a balancer now.
Ha, ha: I learned on a 10 10 back when it was modern. Wild, can I borrow it for my winter changeover?
FWIW I learned on a 20-20, I've used 10-10's & 40-40's... Plus the more modern turntable style changers...
I have a 10-10. I'm keeping that one because it is smaller and simpler.
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