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Has anyone tried the “Sport” firmness PS box from Steer & Gear?


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Jan 28, 2012
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I’m wondering just how much heavier the “Sport” PS box is over the “Modern” effort box?

Also are all of their power steering box firmness options all based on the same ratio gears and turns lock to lock. Or do they use a faster gear set in the Sport and Rally models? Not having much luck with Google.
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I have the Modern in both cars and I like it.
Been trying but getting a busy signal so thought I would query around.
Since they are the alternative to Firm Feel, they offer similar services.
No, the steering ratio is not changed. On the power steering units, that isn't possible.
What they do when the firmness levels are increased is use stiffer springs during assembly. The steering effort is higher to closer match the feel of a newer car.
The issue is, no matter what any rebuilder does, is that they are dealing with a steering unit that was designed in the late 50s and really wasn't changed much throughout the 30+ years that it was used in cars and vans. ALL of these have some amount of free play in the middle of the travel. You're driving straight and can always count on being able to turn the wheel off center a bit both left and right before the tires actually turn. This slop is due to the original design that cannot be changed. For at least half of those years, low effort power steering was often thought of as desirable and comfortable. People that once owned manual steering cars really appreciated how much easier it was to drive once power steering became common.
Once we started paying more attention to handling by switching to lower profile radial tires, firmer springs and shocks, the steering feel in most cars started to evolve from the over-boosted Mopar and GM products to a higher effort, more precise units including rack and pinion as well as refined worm gear and sector designs. Many rebuilders just take the units apart, clean them and reassemble with new seals and gaskets. Any slop it had before, it will have again. Quality rebuilders will replace worn parts so they at least feel better but will still have that free play in the middle.
Low mile originals and quality rebuilds will have LESS of it but it will increase over time and driven miles.
Just had a box done , but dont remember who or what level .
maybe ask him
I asked for stock rebuild, but I believe Steer N Gear sent me firm. It doesn't have the over boosted feeling. Maybe because the play is now eliminated, but I expected pinky finger effort and don't really have that now.

It's a long story, but there's evidence they might have sent me the wrong box (as in I got someone else order).
I did the "Sport" level last time I sent one in, only a very slight difference in firmness from stock, wish I had gone with Modern but that is personal preference.
Correction: Thinking a little more about it I checked my invoice.
I did get "modern" on my Satellite, sorry for the mistake.
It has a good feel to the steering, way better than the original.
Seems to me Sport would be more responsive for those wanting performance steering, than Modern, whatever, it's not a well understood intuitive description by the vendor, IMO.
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So when I sent my steering box, I placed a letter in a ziploc bag asking for 'stock rebuild'. When Steer N Gear received my package they emailed an invoice stating 'modern feel' rebuild. I replied I wanted stock and followed up with a phone call. Steer N Gear acknowledged, but I noticed on another email I got it said 'modern'. I followed up again and asked for stock.

When I received my steering box it had the wrong high pressure fitting. I suspect I received a 'modern feel' rebuild and probably not even my old steering box. (Wheel is off center 10 degrees, but there are differing opinions about this as being normal after a rebuild)

I've got another leak and hoping it's not my newly rebuilt steering box.
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