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Help with identifying a license plate


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Jun 16, 2020
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New York
Hi all,
I found this tag in the basement when we moved in appx 20 years ago. The family who owned and built the house (1940) was Italian. I was thinking this may be an old style Italian plate. Maybe it's some sort of novelty. Kind of cool garage art in any case. I'm curious, any ideas?
Looks to be a European plate for sure. Could have been from a car they shipped over here. Garage art for sure!
Could have been from a car they shipped over here.
That's a possibility. The story I got was two brothers came over and built this house for their mother to get her out of Europe. Supposedly they became very wealthy selling scrap iron before/during WW2.
I've been told at one time they owned most of the commercial properties in the immediate area. I guess that would afford them the opportunity to import a vehicle.
Most probably English; looks very similar to the original plate on my Lotus.
Is there a 'name' embossed anywhere, like in the yellow part?

edit : Its not Italian; at least no Italian plate Ive ever seen. Italian plates are entirely different pre - EU. If it isnt English , it is certainly a 'Commonwealth' plate. If youre serious about the african thing, it could be South Africa or or Rhodesia/Kenya etc. Are the numbers painted or metal stick on? Cant tell from the photo.
I ran a quick check on English registration and apparently that is a valid number.
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Is there a 'name' embossed anywhere, like in the yellow part?
That's what I thought too, nothing .... Front, back, in the yellow or the black.

Are the numbers painted or metal stick on?
Its a one piece stamped plate, just about .06 thick aluminum. Embossed characters left natural, black is applied first then yellow over the aluminum.
(I'll post some more pics in a few moments.)
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99.9% sure its English. The font and the colouring are correct for pre-76ish [as I remember] and the sequence is English also. In England, one can buy plates from private sellers/contractors and they often have that sellers name on it somewhere, e.g, mine says "Bluemels" on the bottom in the yellow. Not that they HAVE to, just often do.
Having said that, the number does not show up on the MOT registration page...but that doesnt mean THAT much either if it hasnt been used in Britain for a long time. For example, my old Lotus' plate doesn't show, but the car hasn't been in the Isles since 74...
Used to know the site that can tell you where the car is from - the first letters tell you the area - but cant seem to find it right now. The info is out there.
Cool plate - fun conversation piece and looks great in the garage. Would look better in mine, but, well... ;)
OK...dug a little further using SwissCows and found a chart. IF the chart is accurate, this plate is from London in 1966. Assuming I read it right...
Very cool of you to take the time. Thanks very much Guy!
Absolutely, positively British. 1966, as stated.
cool to hang on the wall, tell that story
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