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Hemi Swap 545RFE in limp mode


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Oct 30, 2023
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Riverside CA
Just swapped a 30,00 mile 2005 1500 Ram 5.7 with 545rfe into my old truck. Motor runs awesome but the trans is in limp mode. Did I miss something besides the solenoid power relay and the relay to break the ground when when the brakes are applied?

Already replaced the solenoid assembly twice, got a bad one the first time, and replaced the external pressure and both speed sensors.

I've dealt with a couple 545RFE's that acted up after a minor service... The first one took a few days to figure out... The second one was exactly the same as the first so it was quick to fix...

Check the wiring, the insulation is weird it gets soft and crumbles...

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Thanks everybody for your suggestions, they were all appreciated. I didn't realize that a Dodge ignition switch had a, Acc, Lock, Off, Run and Start position. So according to the manual, one of the power wires was to be energize in the off, run and start position so I assumed it was hot all of the time and connected it to a fused 12 volt always on source. So after many hours of studying the wiring diagrams, I finally saw and paid attention to the ignition switch schematic and saw my error. I moved the wire to a ignition switched sourced 12 volt and everything works fine. It shifts well and hauls *** just as it should.
great , so maybe pics of your install . i've got an 88 d150 318 999 i'd like to replace with a modern eng/trans combo .
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