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I know know, another will it fit thread….

I doubt it as I believe they will be rubbing the wheel lips.
I have 15x10 on my 70 Bee with 275 with 4 1/2 bs dont know if that helps. No rubbing with stock leafs. I think 4 bs is cutting it close.
I am going for a 70s look with the car :lol:

I’m just concerned about cutting the sidewall when hitting a bump.
not exactly a hotdog in a hallway :fool:
Not unless you run air shocks.
The sidewall wouldn't be a problem - it would be sticking out of the wheel opening by about an inch. The wheel opening lip would carve the tread.
If you could even mount the wheels with the tires on them. 5.5" BS is already a tight - though do-able - fit.
The Coronet bodies have much larger openings, as do Chargers. Top of the Belvedere bodies' wheel opening, and outer tub, are in the way.
The other issue is even if it gets into the wheel opening, and the car moves, corners, bumps, and extra passengers or weight will make it real interesting.
I like the looks of 15x8's better. And the fit too.
On my 70 Roadrunner, I ran 15x10 wheels with 4-5/8" backspacing (tires? can't remember) with super stock springs (similar to your +2"). I "rolled" the outer fender well lips and they still hit the sidewalls with passengers in the back or angle/hill/turns like pulling into an odd gas station driveway, the tires would rub.
Not unless you run air shocks.
Yep I got them.

Thanks for the replies everyone, I’ll hold off on them.

I’m trying to get the biggest tire back there for traction, and for looks.
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Best to just run 8" wides air shocks or not. I had one high altitude Cornet back in the day and a Bee at stock height or less. Both has 15x8's.

My 69 coronet 1a (1).jpg