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    IMG_3783.JPG IMG_3783.JPG IMG_3775.JPG IMG_3775.JPG So my Mechanical fuel pump is leaking
    This is a 110 gph street strip pump, with a slotted screw on the bottom “bowl” to adjust and point the inlet to where you want it.
    I can’t remember if it is a Holley or a Carter, but it has the screws around the casting to take it apart and rebuild
    Picture tonight , I was half asleep when I found the leak and wasn’t thinking right
    Anyway does Holley make Carter pumps ?
    And best place to buy a rebuild kit ?
    Thanks IMG_3779.JPG
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    Pictures and numbers that are casted on the pump would help

    Carter makes the Holley.

    Rebuild kits are not available for most of the newer Carter pumps. Most are not rebuildable without some modifications. I know, sounds stupid but that's how it is. Antique pumps are easier to find kits for.

    There's an alternative to buying a new pump and that is to contact Mike at "Then and Now". They rebuild fuel pumps. Mike is a member on here. @Mike-Casella

    Then and Now Automotive
    447 Washington Street
    Weymouth Ma. 02188
    Ph# 781-335-8860
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