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Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, Nov 19th and 20th


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May 21, 2012
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Skokie, IL
Devil added a new event:

Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, Nov 19th and 20th

Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, Nov 19th and 20th

13th all indoor show devoted to the country’s finest Muscle Cars, Dealer-built Supercars and Corvettes. “The Center of the Muscle Car Universe” says Muscle Car Review magazine. Over 500 prime examples of American Muscle. Wings Over America, Class of 1967 Invitational, Class of ’72 Invitational, Maple Leaf Muscle: A Salute to Canadian Muscle, Malaise Era Muscle, 1973-1987 Invitational, Performance Wagon Invitational, Corvette Central...

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The Malaise era muscle display I am sponsoring is really shaping up to be interesting with over 25 cars registered so far. I have a number of cars entered from all the big 3 carmakers including something like 8 Mopars. However, for some reason Chevys are lean so far, odd since they are usually the easiest to find?! If anyone knows anyone with a excellent original Laguna S3, Cosworth Vega, V8 Monza Spyder or Mirage, or Citation X11 please ask them to register or get in contact with me for details! A few Chevies are all that I need to finish up this display!
Here is a link to all the invitational displays for 2022's show.
Invitational Displays | mcacn
My Magnum is all ready to make its appearance at the show. I can't wait!

Magnum belvidere.JPG
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A side note on the show. If anyone is interested in working at the show either volunteer or paid positions you can contact me or Ryan (Devil) for details. You can work anywhere from 1 to all 4 days (Thursday and Friday setup and Saturday and Sunday are the show with breaking down the show after 5 PM Sunday into the evening)
I've been working at the show for about 10 years and really enjoy being behind the scenes and contributing to this premier event. Long days I often put in 12 hours, but I'm proud to be involved!
Just a week to go until the show!
There was a show meeting last weekend and we were told there are going to be 40 wing cars there. 22 in the wing car display when you first walk in, more in Wellborns aero car display, and a couple more in Barn Finds.
The recently purchased black hemi cuda convertible that had been stored away by its original owner since ‘78 will be right up front too. Rumor is the new owner paid 4M for it.
There will be a ton more Mopars there too.
I ended up getting over 30 cars in the Malaise Muscle display, just got sent a picture of the sign!

I would assume there is parking right at the convention center ? Or on the streets ?

We took a bus group the last time I went so just got dropped off

Also a little off subject

After the show , driving to the magnificent mile

Any suggestions on safe parking down there , or other options like maybe a bus from the convention center or

Man I feel old - Never have done a Lyft or Uber either

Anyways looking forward to the show
The convention center is in an entertainment center area, there are about a half dozen hotels along with restaurants right across River Road from the show, with a huge parking garage that holds 1000s of cars. There are cops assigned to direct traffic to stop it so people can cross the street to get to and from the convention center, and also an overhead enclosed walkway that goes from the hotels and parking garage to the convention center too.
For those who like to squeeze a nickel and don't mind some additional walking, just about a half block south of there is a big outlet mall. I'm told the parking there is free, and I've known several people who say they park there and walk up the road to go to the show. There may even be a shuttle bus one can get from that outlet center but I am not certain on that. The parking garage in the entertainment district is a pay garage.
You can save a few bucks ordering tickets online. They are available online for a few more days. I think they decided that online ticket sales cutoff is noon Friday.
Even though things are getting out of hand crimewise in Chicago, don't worry about the entertainment district area of Rosemont. The city of Rosemont has a huge force of police and auxiliary public safety officers to manage crowd control and traffic, you will see dozens of them around the facility, so that is not an area Chicago thugs go anywhere near.
The hotels across the street are all sold out, however a member on another forum I'm on said a couple friends of his had to cancel and they are looking for someone interested in their room reservation for Friday and Saturday nights, if anyone's looking let me know I'll direct you to him.

It is a great show. I see the Tignanelli brothers are scheduled to be there. Great guys to talk with.
How safe is downtown at night, now? It was ok when our daughter lived in the Loop pre-BLM riots.
It is a great show. I see the Tignanelli brothers are scheduled to be there. Great guys to talk with.
How safe is downtown at night, now? It was ok when our daughter lived in the Loop pre-BLM riots.
This weekend I’d guess even the worst neighborhoods will be crime free.
There‘s going to be a cold snap this weekend with bad wind chills.
The skids will all be staying home! And if any venture out, they will have a hard time pulling the trigger as their fingers will be frostbit.
Until recently most of the crime and shootings were confined to a handful of neighborhoods. Sadly the crime has spread to even the best parts of Chicago like the mag mile and Ravenswood and other nice city neighborhoods. Lots of armed carjackings and gang members chasing each other around at 100 mph.
Some of it is even spreading into the burbs.
The CPD is completely demoralized and understaffed, and mainly just make reports now rather than be proactive and risk getting thrown under the bus when someone films them looking at some poor lowlife punk wrong.
The other day some woman in a car got caught up in a pack of thugs on ATVs terrorizing the streets, when she tried to back up she bumped into one of them, and they started shooting at her. Fortunately the losers were bad shots. But it took over 30 minutes for the CPD to respond to the 911 call.
I won’t set foot in Chicago these days and only live 15 miles away.
But don’t worry Rosemont is fine!
We're glad our daughter got out of there last year. We don't plan on leaving Rosemont this weekend. All we need to see is there, and it's a nice area. Been there several times including MCACN 3 times.
The show is overwhelming like usual!
My head is usually spinning from MCACN for weeks after it ends.
I was pleased to see that one of the first major YouTube channel videos to be released on this years show was on the Malaise Era Muscle invitational display I put together. The display exceeded my wildest expectations with 34 cars in it.
I agree on the overwhelming

Head is on a swivel

And that was after driving three hours in the snow and wind from Green Bay

I could have literally snapped hundreds of pictures

Man the work that must go into putting this together

What a collection
I hadn’t been to the show since 2019. Seemed like maybe slightly less cars this year? But still plenty and, as XS23J8R said, overwhelming.

A few pics:







From the barn finds section. She’s a tad rough. Looks like it was in a demo derby. But said to be a pilot car. It’s a Barracuda for anyone who doesn’t recognize it.

These were a mind blower for me. Great story.

Thanks for sharing some pictures!
I‘ve taken hundreds myself. I’ll organize them and make some photo albums in my Flickr account next week when I have time.
Ryan takes pictures of every car in the show and he’ll likely share his albums soon too.
The show gets around 550 cars on display and that number is pretty constant over the years.
However, there used to be a group of maybe 3 dozen for sale cars that would be lined up toward the back by the exit overheard door.
That was ended starting last year. As an improvement to the show a number of tables and chairs were put in the center line area for people to take a break, and that uses some of the space the for sale cars used to be exhibited.
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